SSG Speaks: DarkStrobeLight

DSL in Real Life

SSG_Theo: Greetings Dark

DarkStrobeLight: Why hello there theo!

SSG_Theo: Now I believe you and I were apprentices together. How did you find SSG?

DarkStrobeLight: Well, to start at the beginning. I was trying to rank up in H3 in team swat, but I could never find a group of friends to do that with. Around the same time as my frustration was building up Bungie posted news about the Running Riot Podcast featuring DeeJ from the GGN. I made a couple jokes and they took notice of me, DeeJ told me to go make a profile on the GGN forums and he’d get me set up in a clan. One of the first clans to post and invite me in was SSG. I haven’t really found a group to do swat with, but I think I found more than I even knew I was looking for.

SSG_Theo: So you would say joining SSG has really broadened your gaming experience?

DarkStrobeLight: Definitely. Typically in H3 I found myself going in alone. I hardly ever touched BTB. Now that I’m with SSG I always have someone on my friends list playing the game that I am. Now including Call Of Duty, which I would probably never have realized how much fun it is. Especially with friends.

SSG_Theo: Now If I understand correctly you made a map recently. One with many different dimensions. What was your inspiration for making that map?

DarkStrobeLight: Well, the idea was taken from a map in Halo 3. I can’t think of the name at the moment. This map was set on an angle just like mine. However it was alot smaller. I’ve never been a forger but I like the idea of that map so much I thought I’d run with it. Thanks to SSG and MANY play tests I think I got the map to a playable state that a lot of people seem to enjoy.

SSG_Theo: Very interesting. Yes the map is very fun to play on. Now I am pretty sure the readers know the gamer DSL. I would like to touch on a more personally level of who DSL is. What do you do away from the controller?

DarkStrobeLight: Well right now I would call myself a student. I’m enrolled in Kirkwood Community College in Iowa. My major is Graphic Web Design, which will be done in 2 more terms, than I plan on going for Graphic Design. I would say I’m a single father if it wasn’t for all the help that my Girl Friend, Anna, is. She’s basically stepped up from day one and has been a mother to my daughter. Isobel, my daughter, is 3 years old. She is really one of the main motivations in my life. She’s extremely naughty and silly and cute all at the same time. Speaking of Anna, I’ve yet to announce to the clan: I’m having another baby! Anna is 9 weeks pregnant right now. Anna is awesome, she is about as much motivation as Isobel. Always keeping me in check and on top of things, she even makes me a better father.

SSG_Theo: Cute! I’m happy for you man. Are you guys going to wait to find out the gender or will you be finding out in a month or so?

DarkStrobeLight: I’d rather not know, but she wants to. So, we’re going to find out, she said she wouldn’t tell me but all the gifts coming in are going to give it away. So… I’m just giving in. I’m excited!

SSG_Theo: haha. I am sure you are. How are the Graphic Design Classes coming along?

DarkStrobeLight: Really good. I’m sitting at a B average right now. I even made the deans list over the summer, which makes you feel real good. I actually designed a website for my final project in my web design principals class I did all the design and edited all the images for him.

SSG_Theo: Good work! Very Impressive. Its coming time to wrap up. But we got two random questions to ask you. The first one is from SSG Deadeye: What is DSL’s favorite place to go on a family vacation?

DarkStrobeLight: Vacation? I haven’t had one of those in a while. But when I was a kid I think the coolest place we ever went was Wisconsin Dells. Noahs Ark was a blast, and they have a lot of cool things to do all over town.

SSG_Theo: This next one is from SSG Jayman: What’s your favorite non-Xbox gaming platform?

DarkStrobeLight: Honestly I wasn’t much of a gamer before the Xbox. H3 was really the first game that I ever got into. But to go back to my childhood, I have fond memories of Mario 2 and Mario 3 on Nintendo. But other than that I play games on my computer now and than.

SSG_Theo: Thank you for your time DSL. Congrats on the big news!!! This was SSG Speaks: DarkStrobeLight NEW YEARS! Edition!