SSG Speaks- Option Disabled

Mosey on down to North Carolina with us and meet Option Disabled, a veteran of the Halo 2 days, and self-appointed SSG Speaks writer.

SSG Nom Nom asks:
What have you been up to lately?
About 6’5″.   Actually, a lot has gone down lately.  Bought a house (Shout out to my boy Thor who also did the same!), moved for the 38th time in my life, continue to work at Funcom… Good times.
Do you have any legendary or funny gaming-related stories you’d like to share?

I am sure that I have quite a few, but the majority of them would be NSFW.  I think the most dumb I ever felt was playing WoW.  I was in Ironforge, and went underground to where the Tram was.  Unfortunately, I missed the tram.  So, I did what any single player would do- I walked.  I did this without knowing that there was another tram coming, and didn’t know there was an auto run feature on the game.   That was a LOT of up arrowing.

What Xbox One games, released or unreleased, are you looking forward to playing and why?

I am a big fan of NHL games, because it gives me a chance to practice being a Canadian (even though I am totally from the USA). I like Destiny, though it gets a bit grindy toward the end as most MMOs do.  Halo 5 has surprised me as being fun, and almost a throwback to the old Halo 2 days.  Minecraft, surprisingly, is still a mainstay for me.  Go figure.
How did you realize that SSG would be your gaming community?
 Oh that’s easy.  I interviewed Jay, Irish and Caz when I hosted my podcast.  It was many moons ago, but when I was ready to seek out a group, they were right there with open arms.
And now, we move to questions from the archives of the SSG Speaks commune:

How has your gaming experience changed since you joined SSG?

It is lovely to have a group of people that are not just friends.  They truly are family.  Sure, we have distant cousins, but family, none the less.  Even Wookiee.

In ten words or less, what does SSG mean to you?

I don’t have to play alone, or be that good.

If you could run SSG for a day what would you do?

Change everyone’s titles, make the background of the website all pink and purple, and make SSG Steel Valor change both his name, and his retirement status.
What is the first game you remember playing?

Easy.  Pong.  I played it on the first home machine.

What was the first game that really hooked you?

Tetris.  God, so many hours of that game….. And then, Kid Icarus.  I still remember that game.

 Where did your gamertag come from?

My wife, actually.  She gets full credit for the name.  I was trying to think of something clever, and it just appeared in that lovely brain of hers.  “Option Disabled.”  As a disabled Veteran, it actually rings even more true now than it did before.

What one superpower would you have and who would be your SSG sidekick?
Kindness, and Sir Riasus and SSG Jettstream would be my co-Canadian sidekicks.  They seem to know about that kind of thing.Barring that, probably the Hodor power with Thor.


What is your favorite t-shirt?

Any of them that fit.  Seriously.

Your opinion on your toilet paper: are you an over the top or an under guy?

If you do it under, you are a criminal in my book.  Over is how it is patented.  Under means it will touch the wall.  Ewww.

If you had a million dollars & only 24 hours to spend it, what would you do?