Sherpa Guides – Rise of Iron Light Level Guide

With the release of Rise of Iron, Bungie has revamped the Light Level system to a more incremental system. While trying to increase your light level, you will be trying to get each piece of gear up approximately 5 light levels at a time.


– Green engram will drop with gear up to 190 light. The main intention of this is to create a new route for players to get weapon and armor materials.
– Blue engrams will decrypt up to 340 light. Actual blue item drops (already decrypted) from strikes will decrypt up to 365 light
– Purple Engrams will decrypt up to 365 light.
– Exotic Engrams will decrypt up to 385 light

– Purchasable vendor gear (including items Xur is selling) has a starting light level of 350

Steps to Leveling:

Step 1: buy what vendor gear you can with legendary marks. With a maxed out 200 legendary marks, you can buy two pieces of armor. If you hoarded legendary items in your vault, you can get a full set of armor, a ghost, a class item, as possibly 1-2 weapons from breaking down items.

Step 2: After completing the Story missions, make sure to complete the quest for Shiro to unlock the new Strike and the new version of The Devils Lair stork (Sepiks Perfected).

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