Wookie in Our Midst

One day in September, we had a stray cat wander into our boards. This was no ordinary cat, very strange, you see.

The special thing about this particular feline was… that he was Ergonomic Cat*. Strange, but friendly, Overlords, Knights and Apprentices took him in and fed him and, like all cats… well that was the end of it. This orange tabby wouldn’t leave. He kept coming back for more and more and soon he just simply became part of the Castle.

This Ergonomic Cat was indeed quite special. Having taken it onto himself to undergo the trials of Knighthood, he proved himself more than to be an Ergonomic Cat, but a fierce warrior, valiant, and trustworthy. And so it was that history was made on November 5th of this year and we forged the first set of armor four feline friend!

…And then something even more odd happened. As the Cat donned his new armor he mutated-nay- evolved into the fierce creature from the stars we know simply as… the Wookiee!

Welcome to Knighthood, SSG Wookiee!

Ergonomic Cat , SSG Wookiee has ran the gauntlet and come through a Knight. He has been a good friend, ally, teammate, ready to provide support or a laugh. SSG is glad to have him as the newest Raider!

…No really. We are.

Feel free to get to know the newest Knight to SSG!

*Not actually a cat.