Welcome To The Round Table

This is The Round Table, the blog for Sword & Shield Gaming (SSG).  We would like to think that is it has a uniqueness to it because it has no single editor and no single contributor.  Any SSG Knight is free to post to the blog without any editorial approval.

So what kind of content can you expect from the Knights of SSG?  Well obviously most of it will be about SSG because that’s why you’re here right?  Expect clan news/announcements, new member announcements, promotions, title/jobs changes between Knights, write-ups on challenges/mixers, and any other big event that SSG may have in store.

One thing you won’t find at The Round Table is gaming reviews/previews.  Our very own Forum Admin, SSG CodeMonkey, has for many years been running a fantastic gaming blog that has many contributing editors that facilitates a very candid discussion on gaming.  So if you’ve never been to Common Sense Gaming, you should head over and check it out.  The cool part about the Common Sense Gaming Blog (CSG) is that it is what you make of it.  If you just want to check out what others have to say that’s great, but if you want to contribute, we welcome that too.  CSG is a gaming blog written by gamers just like you.  We welcome anyone to apply to write for CSG, we will most likely have a look over your first few posts to make sure they are they material we’re looking for but you’ll soon be on your own.  If you’re from the Good Game Network, it’s a good bet that you’ll be fast tracked as you’ve already been vetted by your respective community.  So head over to CSG and start writing today.

Now if you’re looking for information regarding SSG and how we run things, please visit our static webpages as they have all the info you are looking for:  Welcome Page, FAQ, and our forums called Camelot.  We also love feedback.  So please leave us a comment, find us on XBL, or in our forums.  We would love to hear and feedback you have pertaining to the blog, clan, forums, etc…

-SSG Knights