Trying New Things

Let’s admit it, virtually blasting strangers online rarely, if ever, gets old.  However, there are times when one wants to try something a little different.  That’s where Halo Reach’s wonderful tweaking tools come to play, allowing players to customize their games and even create fun new gametypes to spice up their experiences in the Halo world. This week’s Monday Knight Halo gave us the opportunity to do just that.


Starting the (k)night off, Dalcaeus introduced us to an experimental game type meant to replicate “Hardcore Team Deathmatch,” where shields are disabled and headshot weapons like the DMR and Pistol are removed, making for an interesting old-school experience before the days of regenerating health and one-shot kills.


Hunter finds himself double-teamed by Jayman and Kyli3...


...and gets a Double-Kill.

I toss a grenade toward the ducts, which mere seconds later is threaded perfectly to nail an unsuspecting Dalcaeus.

Prelude to an "Oh Crap" moment...

I lose a teammate as Dal and Kyli3 rush in from the bridge.

A hotly-contested area.


Next up was the Ski-Jump game.

Jett, Dal, Jayman, and myself take a long slide down with the hope of landing in a small target bunker.

Argh! Just missed it...


After that was The Shredder!

We had to dodge a ton of debris raining down in order to get to the top.

Dalcaeus, Wookiee, and I charge upward, dodging Banshee parts and mines.

It just keeps coming! Steel Valor tries to ascend without getting slammed.

The field was a complete mess, yet we pressed on...


We were also introduced to a fun game called Revball.  Think of it as Hockey, with Revenants.

Ball high!

Regroup! The ball easily goes flying thanks to all the 'splosions.


The swarm closes in...

Frantically defending the goal.

Nice hang time, Dal!

Ten seconds left! Keep it out of the goal!

We ended with a tie after a well-fought match.


We also played a bit of Duck Hunt, courtesy of Achievement Hunter’s community gametypes.

We make our rush.

IrishGirl is the first hunter up.

We lost one! Keep moving!

I finally make it to the goal up top and deal some retribution...


With a bigger crew by now, Dal brought us to Reflection for a return of Hardcore Team Deathmatch.

On the blue team, I was joined by IrishGirl, Jett, Grant, Dalcaeus. and Dark.

On the red team was Marvel, Heathen, Wookiee, Hunter, CodeMonkey, and Steel Valor.

Marvel has nowhere to run as Dalcaeus and I close in...

Codemonkey and Heathen take the high ground.

I get caught in a crossfire of grenades between Grant and Hunter.

Gotcha! Irish drops a red.


Fun times were had by all, and it goes to show that with a little creativity, a game may never get old.  See you next Monday!