This Week in SSG: Fun

Welcome to yet another edition of This Week in SSG. This week I’m not going to enthrall you with a striking moral character piece. However, I am going to mention another factor that brings us all together. Fun. That’s right, it’s as simple as that. What is the use of all this game time and camaraderie if we aren’t having any fun? It makes about as much sense as stapling your toes together.

SSG Jayman has some trouble deciding which one to knock the hat off first.

Monday Knight Halo: This week I decided to try some customs. I went to Achievement Hunter’s website and pulled a few “horse” maps. Next I went to Halo Waypoint and secured a neat little Duck Hunt map and game type. Was there a score? Maybe. Was there a victor? Who knows. What I do know is that I can now recognize the sounds of Knights giggling like children and just having fun messing around. That is until we played this game…

If Hockey had race cars and explosions...

Rev Ball comes from our good friend Wheels36. It’s fast paced explodey fun. Unless you are SSG Wookiee. Once Wookiee understood the premise of the game for a moment he put down his sword and lifted a Hockey stick. Trouble is there were no refs to put him in the penalty box for high sticking. It was like watching a monster being born of ice and fire. He sent me and my vehicle flying out of the way several times! Later he said he was having flashbacks of his Hockey days and that it was so much fun he may get back to it someday. To me my friends this is what it’s all about.

Wednesday Knight Warfare: What can I say about you Black Ops? You and I are like lovers dancing around each other waiting for your party system to to allow us one fiery embrace. Alas, you are a fickle mistress and sometimes you make me choose between my friends and you. No but seriously, it took us 45 minutes of messing around in the lobby before we finally got games in. Then the hosts tended to favor every team but ours resulting in probably one of the worst personal experiences with this game. However, I still had fun. Running around with SSG iAmGrant, SSG IrishGril,  SSG Marvel, and apprentice MadMike mad the wait and frustration bearable. We lamented together, figured out how to make the best of a bad situation. Together we found the fun, despite outside forces attempting to thwart us.

Thursday Knight Horde: Sometimes it isn’t always about the challenge. Sometimes it’s about feeling like a hard ass. So we turned on some mutators and made boss battles seem easier than farting on a jello mold (man Gran-Gran was mad). But hey, don’t take my word for it. Watch us take down some reavers…

Yup, nothing says bad ass like rolling over fools with your lancer. Or if you are SSG TomaZero, nothing says bad ass like getting murdered…several times….

So ends another edition of This Week in SSG. Tune in next week when we talk about the nature of smell.