The World is Wide, and the Guns are New

Hello Readers,


It’s been months and I am sorry, the pain it took me to control myself out of typing for months is only comparable to being tortured by orcs in order to help them find the ring I lost to a hobbit in a bet. Perhaps not that intense but it felt like a good thing to say at the time. I’m not use to taking over the air waves so my plans to make a single podcast as a trail run are being pushed back. Yes, podcast you heard right. Look out for me.


Now, I may be a Knight Emeritus, but I am still following up on stuff.  When I see a commercial or two representing game series I love I still often need to sit down, if only to control my excitement. Now, what games have I recently seen commercial on and had a nerd experience? Well simply just guess Black Ops 2 and Assassin Creed III, trust me on this one you will be right.


Two words: Assassins Creed!

I took the creed to be an assassin back in the 60’s, trust me they never let me jump off roofs into conveniently placed hay stacks. We as a society have given up on our hopes an dream of random, but vital hay stacks placed around major cities. I bet if I tried to place a hay stack in a major city THE MAN would take it away.


Ok Rant done.

Speaking of the man, guess what? In this new Assassin Creed game the character will be in the revolutionary WAR! This is something I myself am excited about because I love history, and killing red coats. I always have been saying that there weren’t really any games that I have played that had it’s history based in the revolutionary war. For real, I have never played one, and if on the off chance I am forgetting a game then it was terrible gaming experience. While Assassin Creed bores me after ten missions or twenty I think that this one will be able to get my mind fully wrapped around it. The weaponry looks really cool, if you haven’t seen the trailer I will put it here:


It’s a UK release trailer which makes it really funny I think.

There is a list of sets you can buy as well:


Two Words and a Number: BLACK OPs 2

Black ops and I have a checkered past, loved the story line, loved the multiplayer, loved the people, but I sucked. Some people may think it’s cool I kept myself at a good K/D but that is because I don’t know how to die at most times, it’s not because I knew how to kill people first. This one is set up to be in the future which makes me want to take a step back. Is this really CoD? I loved the Modern type of warfare, but do I really think that CoD should go into the ever so well traveled path of futuristic warfare? The trailer at least had horses in it, but really? I thought I was seeing a video game version of the matrix, or worse… Terminator. Sorry guys Terminator wasn’t the best game to me, perhaps I just didn’t give it enough of a try.


My plan for Blops2 is to just play it cool, play it, enjoy it, but if I ever get to tired of the theme I will walk away. I fully expect that I will fall in love though so don’t fear my faithful readers, the whole hate towards futuristic warfare will not overpower my love for CoD. I still expect myself to suck at multiplayer, so if anyone wants me to feed them kills just ask. I will try hard, but do sooo bad, so is it really K/D farming? I don’t think so unless you take advantage of me too much.

I bet you want a trailer?

Oh Yes there are zombies as well.


Release dates are in the trailers. Have fun! Kill with Love.