The Rise of Dark/ Crouching Monkey, Hidden Overlord.

Friends, Knights, People of the populous. Today is a joyous occasion, the ranks of the Knights of Sword & Shield Gaming have been expanded upon this day. we have one DarkStrobeLight joining our clan to be one of our coveted Knights, we will watch over him as he will us within our Clan.

The only thing we have left to wonder is what caste will he join with.

Be it the Raiders our front line, the sharpest of sword our Alpha if you will.

The Honor Guard, our strongest shield, They are the Omega the last line, the last to charge the last to fall.

Our Strong Calvary, The Stampede, The Quick and decisive

Or Last but not least, Our Archers. Tasked with keeping a few weapons in line to hail upon our foes.


Stepping away from our newly knighted DarkStrobeLight. we step on to further business of the highest order. Today We Overlords of the Round Table welcome a new member to our rank, you know him simply as SSG Codemonkey.

This Knight has shown skills and abilities of the highest caliber, Not only has he completely reworked our site, including this humble newsboard we have here today. He’s shown to be a mover and shaker. and all that with humility. Today Codemonkey you are promoted to the highest rank we can give you here in Sword & Shield. Overlord, May you serve your Knights with Honor, and Patience. Godspeed.

– TomaZero