The Lion. The Witch. And The Raptzor?


The castle was in it’s busiest time of the year. All knights were gathering supplies for the holiday season and of course gathering the last of the crops to grow before winter time. Irishtulip and her fellow archer Crystle were setting up a line of targets to practice their archery skills before the harsh winter hindered their ability to practice. Shot after shot rang out as the duo hit every target with ease.

After a few hours of practice the girls realized that they had one target left. At a distance of 200m the wind conditions and their own abilities made them question their ability to hit the bull’s eye on this target. First Irishtulip came up to take the shot she hit the outer area of the target.

After this Crystle walked up to the challenge looking confident in her ability to win. Her experience as an archer surely would give her an edge. Concentrated she focused on the target. After a few painful seconds she let the shot out hitting the blue ring around the bull’s eye. She let a smile pass as Irishtulip congratulated her.

Cassio and Razgriz came shortly after hearing the sounds of Irish and Crystle sharing a good laugh and passing compliments to each other. After hearing what had happened both Cassio and Razgriz felt a need to show off their own abilities. Both of them shot out and noticed that they had tied each other in score. Codemonkey also hearing the noise decided to take a break from working and to enjoy the presence of friends.

In the silents, an apprentice lay in waiting to make his own shot. Slowly he moved through unnoticed by the knights. This was his chance to impress the best and hopefully be able to make it into the Knights core group. More importantly the archers. When the sound of all 5 of them laughing was loud enough to cover his rush in he moved in bow and arrow ready.  Cassio was the first to notice the eager apprentice. “Hello Good Sir!” He yelled at but Raptzor had not noticed he moved on with all eyes directed at him. With a quick jump he let out his arrow with the force of a man three times his size. All watched where the arrow would land.

When the others moved in closer to examine where the shot landed they noticed something remarkable. The arrow landed directly on where Crystles arrow had landed. Raptzor looked over to Codemonkey and the rest of the Knights. With a sly smile Codemonkey said to Raptzor, “Good timing we were just talking about letting you into the castle.” He passed on a set of keys to the castle. “You sir may pick any division you want to be in. But i am sure Crystle and you will want to rematch someday and work on perfecting that shot.


I have no clue what division Raptzor will pick I just went with Archer until he says anything different. He seems to like sniper rifles.