The Events Of SSG

We here at Sword & Shield Gaming regularly schedule regular events which we’ve come to pass as tradition here inside Camelot.  While I am here to fresh out our sweet new Blog/Gigs I shall take the time to point out our two sovereign events that everyone can take part in regardless of rank and affiliation. In essence what we call community events in which we have two standard per week.

This is Monday Knight Halo where we come together to play exactly that, Halo 3 soon to be Halo: Reach where the man with the rockets comes from. Likely you will see your own share of carnage on this night as Big Team Battle of the social standard is the main dish of the evening but expect anything from us on Mondays.

This is the game we come together on humpday to play, Modern Warfare 2 on nights we call Wednesday Night Warfare. Here you can find Knights and all others going at in a variety of gametypes ranging from Team Deathmatch, Domination, Search And Destroy, And Capture The Flag. These games are fast paced and explosive with a lot of eye popping action for all to see.

These are our community events here at Sword & Shield Gaming. We invite you to take part in our community and above all have fun

– TomaZero