Starting Off 2012 With Monday Knight Halo

Monday Knight Halo is here to ring in the new year.

SSG had 2 separate parties of 8 rolling around match making this evening.  MKH has had it’s highs and lows this last year with the plethora’s of new games that game out, but it sure looks to have stabilized in a big way.  So mark your calendar and show up next week.

Can you spot SSG IrishGirl in her Ghillie Suit?

How about now that she’s sniping a Banshee?!

SSG takes to the air to reek havoc.

But things don’t always go to plan…


SSG iAmGrant standing on one foot, like a boss.

Taking out a Warthog from the air.

Failing to your death can still look cool, right?


I want to thank all the Knights that came out for MKH this week, and we hope to see you all next week as well.