SSG Strikes A Pose: Shenanigans Ensue.

As SSG has been known to do, we decided to setup a photo shoot featuring Knights.  While only 9 members were able to be in attendance, there was more than enough craziness going on.  I’ll show you.

Our very own SSG Jettstream, rockin’ the Spartan Laser.

SSG iAmGrant made us our very own forge version of Camelot.

Of course the Cavalry was involved.

By land, air, and…

Sea.  Even if we didn’t have amphibious vehicles…


Falcon Jumping?  All the rage these days.

Doesn’t work so well with the tank…


In case you were curious (I know you were) yes, yes you can get 2 Spartans and a mongoose in-flight on top of a UNSC Falcon.

Bombs away!

SSG iAmGrant ignoring me, as usual, as I bring up great new website ideas. Or that could be me throwing him out of the Falcon, can’t tell.


Sweet Jumps!!  SSG style.


Finally I’ve leave you a group shot.  So what are you waiting for?  SSG is awesome, join today.  We’re always hiring.