SSG Speaks: TomaZero


SSG_Theo: Hello Toma, welcome to SSG Speaks

SSG_TomaZero: howdy

SSG_Theo: How long have you been with SSG?

SSG_TomaZero: since its Inception.. which was about September 2009ish

SSG_Theo: Many of us here at SSG don’t know how the start of SSG went. So simply put, how did SSG get it’s bringing?

SSG_TomaZero: Well I still actually have the messages archived at Tied The Leader which is where we all first started out. Us being Jayman, Odin Runebearer, Codemonkey, Watchamacalsmit, and a couple of others that joined us later General Ghost, Private Ryan, and whomever I can’t remember. we all started out as what was called Allies FTW a weekly Halo 3 event that finally settled on mondays. in a nutshell We were all at TTL for the Good Games, some of us we’re vying for spots in the Gunslingers but they Recruit in a closed setting very slowly and carefully. Jayman contacted myself and others that were Allies FTW regulars and it snowballed from there.

SSG_Theo: I understand SSG almost had another name. Would you like to add a few comments on that Toma?

SSG_TomaZero: close, it was always going to be Sword and Shield Gaming, but the calltag was going to be SAS instead of SSG, but out of respect for one of the well known military organizations we decided to go with SSG, which funnily enough we learned about 1 month after we began that SSG also meant Staff Sargent in the US Army  we were going to follow the traditions of those before us, Praetoria Guard ends up being PG, Tied the Leader is TTL, Buddy System Gaming = BSG

SSG_Theo: When did you become one of the Overlords, and how has this experience been for you?

SSG_TomaZero: I was one of the founding Overlords, so from the beginning I’ve tried to be a driving factor in this group of ours. Its been fun, and I enjoy coming up with creative solutions to problems, which leads me to my primary position Challenge Captain for Halo, Which is my greatest challenge, finding a well balanced team that can get together on a regular basis. myself included. my time with the clan recently has become limited due to my growing family

SSG_Theo: You say you are the ‘Challenge Captain for Halo’, so we can gather by that you are a player of Halo. Is there any other games you play?

SSG_TomaZero: are you looking for new or old games? for what I play is almost countless.

SSG_Theo: haha. What games can you be seen to be playing more often today?

SSG_TomaZero: I put hours into most of the Halo games each month, Halo Wars, Halo: Reach, and Halo 3. but I play a lot of fighting games, Super Street Fighter 4, Capcom Vs Marvel 3, Soul Calibur 2. Racing games I’m into right now, Blur and Burnout: Paradise. PC I’m still playing Counter Strike: Source, Team Fortress 2, Starcraft 2. Super Puzzle Fighter 2 HDT I play lots of games

SSG_Theo: haha yes you do. Now we all know Toma the gamer. So I am pulled to talked about your real life. Who is Tomazero away from the TV screen?

SSG_TomaZero: I’m a father and family man, I have a 8 month old Daughter which you can find pictures of on my Knight page on our site I don’t work for anyone but myself at the moment but normally you can find me playing with my daughter or wife for most of the time you find me offline. unless I’m doing one of my other offline hobbies

SSG_Theo: What offline hobbies do you have?

SSG_TomaZero: I play Magic: The Gathering pretty often its my main hobby offline. other than that I read every now and then, and I play my nintendo DS pretty often when we travel.

SSG_Theo: How long have you been into Magic: The Gathering?

SSG_TomaZero: I’ve been playing MT:G since Early 2005 been playing casual and competitive ever sense

SSG_Theo: Well we have reached the portion of our segment where the readers ask you random questions. The first is from SSG Dalcaeus,”How many hotdogs can you eat before you feel guilty?”

SSG_TomaZero: Depends, its a rare occasion that I ever have hotdogs, so when I get good ‘dogs I have about 4 or so. and at this point I feel obligated to say yes and no.

SSG_Theo: I think it’s time we create a SSG hotdog eating contest.

SSG_TomaZero: free food. I’m so down for that.

SSG_Theo: On another note, SSG Jayman had this to ask, “What made you want to start a community from the ground up with SSG?”

SSG_TomaZero: to be honest it gave me a lot to do after I had some trouble with my personal life, gave me something to work at to take my mind off of stuff. that and I thought it would be a lot of fun and it has been so far, even with all the work and stress we’ve had I probably wouldn’t give it up for nothing.

SSG_Theo: Thank you TomaZero. This has been SSG Speaks TomaZero Edition.