SSG Speaks – SSG WatchTower

Welcome to another edition of SSG Speaks where the questions are made up & the points don’t matter. Or something like that. This time around we’ll talking to a valiant guy named Greg who’s helping keep the median age of Camelot at a respectable level. Mosey on up to the bar & get to know a little more about WatchTower.




Why the name Watchtower? Where did you come up with your moniker? You look like a people, not a tower.
Cause I am always looking out for others I guess. In real life I used to be a guard at a prison and I worked the WatchTower, so every one always called me Tower, High Tower, and Watchman, so it just kind of stuck in my gaming life! And it’s cool too!


What is it you are watching?
Everyone! I see all and Know all! Don’t test me I know where you live and I can pull it down with my Truck and Chain!


Hmm…I’m not sure I’d want to be omniscient with SSG’s penchant for pantless gaming. What drew you to SSG after you left your previous community?
Hmmm… Thats a very long drawn out answer. The short of it all is, I met Grant and Irish a long time ago, and gamed with Ed for a while, Gambit and Dan too! As much influence as they had, the most influential piece was the Knights of The Round Table and Camelot… Man I love Authurian times. I used to dream of being King Arthur and running off to save the Lady Guinevere!


What was it like transitioning from Iron Fox to SSG? Any differences between the groups that surprised you?
Astonishing enough nothing. I had been gaming with a lot of you so much I already felt like part of the crew. It was the most natural transition I have ever experienced. I was welcomed in with a Knight’s welcome and it meant the world to me!


In ten words of less, what does SSG mean to you?
Family… We take care of our own! We treat each other as equals and no single person has more of a stake than the next… I know its more than ten words!


Ha, that’s your question & you don’t keep it to ten words. So how long have you been gaming?
Man now everyone is gonna know my age. Since the Coleco Vision! Pong as a great time killer… then cam the Atari and Pitfall… then came the Arcades… Man if I could have every quarter I pumped into Galaga and Space Invaders.


Galaga…that game was maddening. What’s the first game you remember playing?


Pong. Man that was a long time ago. I can hardly believe how far the medium has advanced since that meager game. Speaking of technological advancements, what’s your dream FPS?
Take Battlefield, Halo, and Call of Duty and combine the three, using the Graphics from Call of Duty…man wouldn’t that be the game!


What is your favourite non-gaming activity?
Riding my Harley.


What is your favorite thing to do with your wife and kids?
Movie night. We have an old theatre that our town restored that was built in the early 1930’s. We go there to watch the movies instead of to the mall. We usually invite a few of the boy’s friends.




As a good family man, you play vids quite a bit with your kids. Are they yet at the age where they can lay a beating on the old man or are you still whooping them?
I have two sons one is almost 15 and one is almost 13 I can still clean their plow on CoD and that type of FPS… Halo they teach the old man some new skills… But all in all I still come out on top.

What do you do for a living?
I am a diesel mech/heavy equipment operator. But I used to drive a semi and ran my own company for a while.


What’s the best thing that’s happened to you/with you/for you in the last year?
Man this last year has been very rough on me and my family… I would have to say just being able to wake up and share the day with my family. I have lost 4 loved ones in a 6 month time span and a good friend we all lost here during that as well. Had another close call with a loved one just a few weeks ago.. and another family member that has some huge personal issues, so yeah I’m glad to just be able to breathe at the end of the day and wake up the next morning to see my family all still intact.


Family is where it’s at. It is known you are a good ole southern boy that had moved to Nebraska for his wife. When you moved to Nebraska, did the state force you to remove all but one tooth or is there just something in the air that removes your teeth naturally?
…My wife takes offense to that (as I snickered in the back ground)…lol. and it’s Nebraska not Wyoming! I still have most of my teeth.


Now for an important Movember question: did you grow into the moustache or did the moustache grow into you?
I grew into the Moustache! I had the Nickname Iron Stache over at IGC and when I worked at the prison, the lady officers would always giggle when I would come in and I finally heard them one time whispering to each other that ” He looks like a Porn Star from the 70’s) I didn’t know whether to take it as a compliment or offended…lol. I take pride in my Stache!


What’s the best practical joke you’ve ever been a part of or victim of?
OMG dude If I tell you I will have to kill you all for reading it. I have been sworn to secrecy… But you asked for it! When I was a younger man a little more ornery, I was a volunteer firefighter and growing up in “The Heart of Dixie” (I grew up in an area that the Civil war was fought in a lot – Chickamauga battlefield to be exact…) there are cannons scattered everywhere. Some of us younger fellas used to shoot toilet paper out of these cannons as a joke… Well we had a local law enforcement officer that was a man a small stature and a huge distemperament… We decided to take action into our own hands… (Oh did I mention fireworks of any kind were illegal in Northwest Georgia at that time) He had confiscated our bottle rockets which we had in turn confiscated from some young kids playing with them… Citizens duty you know! … We were fireman after all…. Well the officer decided to take our stuff so we decided to fix him up. The chief of police lived right across the street from the police/fire station. Two beautifully placed civil was era cannons set out front on either side of the flag poles. The chief’s house set down from the roadway (by that I mean the ground level on the other side of the road was about a 3 foot drop from the road way). Well we decided to plug up that old cannon with as much powder and toilet paper as we could and we were gonna wait till the officer (name withheld due to I am sworn to secrecy) was coming down the road and set the cannon off. Now have any of you ever seen a cannon fired? Man that’s a lot of smoke! Well the ol’ boy came whizzin down the road as usual, just as he got close we lit the fuse… It stalled…Oh Crap its gonna hit the car I heard someone say…. Just then BOOM!!! A huge Plume of smoke and out comes this white glob of Holy crap Its toilet paper! Right across the hood of his patrol car… And then he yanks the wheel hard and drives right into the chiefs house! OMG! I’ll tell you the rest another day! But that was the best one ever!


Wow, that’s a tough one to top! So on to the most important question of all: pants or no pants?
NO Pants is a requirement isn’t it?


I know you’re a fan of The Bard. What are your top three Shakespeare plays?
Othello, Hamlet, and A Midsummer’s Night Dream.


Do you have a personal possession you consider to be lucky?
Yes, I have this Green Ivory Elephant given to me by my deaf great aunt when I was a young boy. It is supposed to bring good Fortune! It has for the most part!


What is your truck chained to this week?
This week I actually had to chain it to a friends truck to pull him out of the mud!


If you could be any video game character, who would you be and why?
Superman… two words….X-ray Vision… oh yeah!!!




Pervert. How do you define barbeque?
Apron, Tongs and Homemade Sauce with Pork Ribs!


Keepin’ it simple. Good man. I won’t even go into how good the BBQ we had at the LAN was… Do you make moonshine?
Have in the past. The last batch I made was what we Georgian’s call Apple Pie…It’s kind of like apple cider with cinnamon only sweeter and a hell of a kick!


If you had to eat the same meal every day for the rest of your life, what would you choose?


A wise choice with endless possible varieties. If you had to survive a zombie map from Call of Duty in real life, which would you choose and why?
I would chose Mob of The Dead… It has the best chance of survival and… come on its Alcatraz!


You are forced by an evil genie to choose how and when you die. What is your decision?
Diving from the Eiffel Tower to save Jessica Biel from crazy Ninja Chimpanzee’s that have plotted with the Evil KungFu to take over the world!


Would you rather fight, to the death, one horse-sized duck or one hundred duck-sized horses?
Who comes up with this stuff??? One Horse Sized Duck cause I am The WatchTower! I can roll like that!


I’d you could go anywhere and take anyone, who would you take and to where?
See that is a hard question. I would of course take my wife to go see Ancient Greece. But I would also like to take my Grandfather to see Normandy. He always wanted to go there again and has been gone since 1994.


If you could have any motorcycle in the world what would it be and why?



What was the craziest thing you wanted to be when you were a kid?
King Aurthur.


King, eh? Well, at the very least you’ve earned a spot at his Round Table. Closer than you may have thought you’d come to fulfilling that childhood dream. Until next time, excelsior.