SSG Speaks – SSG Warrior

For Ohioans Part II, we’re talking to an imposing Call of Duty warrior named…well, Warrior as a matter of fact. When he’s not it school, he’s schooling people in Black Ops 2. Let’s take a few minutes to learn about SSG Warrior.


We’ll start, as always, with how you found SSG:

I met Andrew (SSG Dileas) when I started going to college and he eventually introduced me to Daniel (SSG Rhys) who did what he always did and went about promoting SSG and I thought it sounded great.


Daniel brought a lot of quality gamers into the fold. So, now that you’re a Knight, how has your gaming experience changed?

No matter what game I’m currently playing I always have someone to play with. I don’t have to put up with randoms anyone and it’s wonderful.


It’s so great not having to game with randoms anymore. I’m all too frequently shocked by the poor quality of my gaming time whenever I rely upon matchmaking to pair me up with teammates. SSG 4 life, yo. In ten words or less, what does SSG mean to you?

It’s like another family.


What is the first game you remember playing?

That’s really hard for me to say I’ve been playing video games almost all my life but if I had to guess it was either Pokemon for the Gameboy Color or Mario 64 for the N64.


Gameboy color was one of your first game devices? Gawd, I’m old. So what was the first game that really hooked you?

Command & Conquer Red Alert 2


Those RTS games are like crack. The number of hours I poured into the original WarCraft & StarCraft isn’t even funny. What gaming accomplishment are you most proud of?

I have quite a few gaming accomplishments I like to boast about. But playing CoD pro for about a year is probably my favorite. In Call of Duty 3 before the franchise got really popular I was ranked 3rd best in the world went around to different tourneys and stuff won a good bit of money I think the largest amount of money I ever won was $800. It was a lot of fun for the time but it takes a lot of effort to be that good at a game. In the current CoDs I don’t do it just because of how many cheap things people can do to get kills in CoD 3 it was all based off of skill.


I knew you were pretty damn skilled but I never knew you were a pro player. That’s pretty cool. What is your favorite video game of all time?

Oh my that’s a hard question to answer but probably Command & Conquer


What’s it like to be the biggest badass on the field in Mass Effect 3 multiplayer? Do your shoulders get sore from carrying the rest of the team?

I love being the biggest badass. So much so that if I am the biggest badass I don’t even notice so no my shoulders are not sore.


What do you do when you’re not gaming?

Well if I’m not gaming I’m probably either at school or drinking with my friends and the random stuff we will decide to do when we are out.


Ah to be young again. I almost remember what that’s like. Three favorite bands?

Killswitch Engage
All That Remains
Parkway Drive
I love my music. I’m pretty sure I would lose my mind without it. The lyrics for the songs are listen too mean a lot to me.


Do you have a celebrity crush? Who?

Nah I’m not big on following celebrities.


You’re a better man for it. They never return your calls anyway. And what’s up with all those restraining orders? Ahem, moving on, what’s the best thing that’s happened to you in the last year?

Probably finding SSG it’s introduced me to a lot of great people to talk to and play games with.


What is your funniest joke?

Sadly, I don’t think I have any jokes to just write down.


After all that time with Daniel you managed to avoid his penchant for terrible, terrible jokes? Ok, so how would you bribe the Gamemaster?

Use to have a Gamemster that would give us bonus stuff for doing chores around his house and would punish us if we didn’t. We would get special magic items during an adventure for doing the chores and if we didn’t we would probably die in the next adventure.


That’s just mean. Abuse of power right there. I bet that GM is a nasty mall cop now. If you were in charge of SSG for a day, what would you do or change?

I don’t think I would change a thing.


High praise. It’s good to know that leadership is doing things right. What’s the furthest distance you’ve ever travelled from home?

Either England or Hawaii. I’m not 100% sure which is farther from Ohio.


What are you studying in school? How much longer do you have until graduation? Are you going to pursue a Post-Graduate degree?

I have been studying to get a computer science degree. I think I have a year or two and I plan on it considering how many people go for a bachelors degree.


Uh-oh, that means you’re the de facto tech support for your entire extended family. I know how that goes… What’s your ideal future job?

When I decided to go into computers it was with the hope I would eventually run a company’s cyber security.


What’s the best practical joke you’ve ever been a part of or victim of?

A friend of mine and myself went into our buddies house and carried him out. He was screaming that he was being kidnapped but his Dad was so obsessed with WoW that he just told him to have a good time.


Wow. That father’s concern for his children’s well being is…what’s that word that isn’t “inspiring.” Okay Mr. cyber security, Skynet is real, the robots are rebelling against humans; what’s your battle plan & how are you going to save humanity from the machines–without time travel which obviously doesn’t work?

Well this one time in Star Wars DnD I hacked a fleet and made it fall into a star so obviously Skynet doesn’t stand a chance.


Some Knights labor under the misapprehension that Cazaril is evil. Can you confirm or deny this ugly rumor?

Hmm I’ve heard things about him being ancient but never evil.


Finally. Some vindication. Thanks for talking with us, Warrior. Game on.