SSG Speaks – SSG Syren

She may be quiet but behind that calm facade is one deadly gamer. When you see SSG Syren’s name over her in-game avatar, you’d best hope she’s on your team. That’s in-game though. How about irl, you ask? Well read on & learn a little bit about what makes Rei tick.




How did you find out about SSG? And once you found it, what made you want to be a part of it?

Well, Halo 4 had just come out and most of the people I had played Halo with I didn’t play with anymore. I hated the thought of going it alone and decided I wanted some people to partner up with and I found a post for SSG in another forum and from the description figured this was the place. I looked into it, joined up and everyone was so warm and welcoming, friendly, fun and laidback, I knew it was the right place.


How has your gaming experience changed since you joined us?

I’ve always enjoyed gaming, but since joining SSG it’s I’ve enjoyed the online experience a lot more. It’s amazing to always having great group of good people to game with when you need it.


In ten words or less, what does SSG mean to you?

Hm. Refuge. Or…Super-Segway-Gang? No? Is that not what you meant?


Wait, I thought it was Super Sexy Grandmas… As gaming tends to be male dominated, do you like that SSG has so many female members, or does it not matter either way?

Oh yeah, totally. I would have enjoyed being a part of SSG, either way. Everyone is great here and all the male gamers are beyond respectful. But, having other female gamers to game with does add a little something special. Don’t get me wrong, I love my bros, but sometimes it’s just fun hanging with the girls. I mean that girls only gaming night was a total blast. We should totally do it again. Though, IrishGirl DID get a little crazy with the strippers, ahem, I mean whaaat?


Ooookay. I didn’t know the Chippendales played Halo 4… What’s your earliest gaming memory?

Atari I think, I was in space shooting lasers at rocks or something…by shooting I mean me dying, constantly.


What was your favorite video game growing up?

Hm. I played loads of games growing up. It’s hard to pick just one. My strongest and fondest memories are of the Zelda series, the Mega Man series (especially, Mega Man X), Metroid, Mario Kart (need for speed yeah!), Contra, Street Fighter, Altered Beast… I think I must of played ‘em a lot. But, if I had to pick just one, I’d have to say I had a major thing for a certain little blue hedgehog (It was all that golden bling. Ting ting!).


What is your favorite genre of game now?

Hm, that’s toughie, having enjoyed a variety of games. But, if I want some excitement I’ll go with a FPS, but I get the most pleasure out of RPGs and Strategy games. However, so many of the guys in the clan always mention this thing called Barbie Horse Adventures, I think it must be its own genre. I’ll try it out sometime, who knows.


If you had to pick only one game to play for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Oh God, that’s a scary thought. Just one, eh? Geez, hm…guess I’m gonna have to go with… CANDY CRUSH SAGAAAA!! No, I was kidding, please don’t. Skyrim (PC with mods). I can (and have?) wasted loads of my life on that game and I feel like I can still keep going. Though is it really a waste?


Skyrim will indeed consume far more spare hours than you thought you had. I’ve gone into work with a “just one more quest” hangover more than once. What video game character has the qualities you most aspire to have?

Ryu Hayabusa’s biceps, obviously. Or, the Master Chief’s helmet. Lara Croft’s sweet pair of…guns? No, no, but in all seriousness it would have to be GlaDos, of Portal fame…I mean seriously, she has it all, an A-mazing singing voice, stellar intellect, great ambition, stunning creativity, a KILLER sense of humor…and, let’s not forget, she can totally bake…0_o


You aspire to be a crazed artificial intelligence? *edges away slowly* So, assuming your GlaDos has arms, plasma sword or metal sword?

Can I have both? Duel-wield!!


Han Solo or Malcolm Reynolds or Spike Spiegel?

Ha! Geez, hittin’ hard with the questions that matter… Can you imagine all three on the same side? Total alliance of bad-assness. Geez, this is really hard…lol, But, the anime fan in me says I’m gonna have to go with Spike, cuz he’s totally still alive…


Spike is definitely alive. Don’t try to tell me otherwise. What’s the story behind the Chocolate Factory, Mrs Wonka?

Well…what had happened was…wait…story, what story? I have no idea what you’re talking about. It’s Pure Imagination.


What is name of this chocolate factory that may or may not exist?

If I told you I would have to kill you (by kill I mean give you warm milk for a nice nap)…I mean…I don’t have a chocolate factory!… with huge rivers of yummy delicious chocolate, and little singing orange men and a furnace full of children…


Wait, what was that about the furnace? *backs further away* Do you like dark chocolate? What percentage of cacao is your favorite?

Mmm…dark chocolate. In the 25 to 35 percent range. Like everything else in life I like my chocolate intense…


What’s your dream job?

Owner of a magical and mysterious chocolate factory. Oh, wait…


What is it like dating FuFu?

Amazing. Though, it’s hard to get quality time with him, since he’s oddly enough always dodging bullets. It’s like totally the weirdest thing.


Strange that. Does he scream at night in his sleep from all of us shooting him?

Hm. Well, that explains the bullet thing. It’s less of a scream and more of a horrifyingly tragic whimper followed by an, ‘Aw, guys come on…’ in this sad crying voice, as he’s curls into the fetal position.


See what you’ve done to poor Fu, people?! And why does everyone blame Fu?

Because it’s always his fault.


Alas, Fu missed the days when it was all MagicMike’s fault. What was your favorite childhood cartoon?

Hm. All of them. But, I guess…if I HAD to pick one, X-men: The Animated Series because I still hum that awesome theme song during super-cool moments in my life (my definition of super-cool is a loose one by the way).


What are your three favorite books?

My inability to narrow down is becoming a problem. You’re such a numberist. OK, here it goes, since I must choose…The Sun Also Rises (the first Hemingway book I read), Wuthering Heights, and the Count of Monte Cristo (barely edged out the Three Musketeers).


That’s an eclectic selection of some quality literature. What is your biggest pet peeve?

I’m actually a pretty laidback person, so I don’t have a lot of those, but let me think for a moment…team killers? And, um, mean people…lol, aw, that’s lame isn’t it…(cue X-men theme song!).


No, mean people suck. What is the funniest thing that has happened in your life?

Being born…? That was hilarious…for me anyway. But, there was this one time me and my buddy met these two chicks at a bar…seriously, Riasus, how is anyone to compete with that story?


Tell me about it. He set the bar (no pun intended) pretty high. If you are to travel anywhere in the world, where would you like to go? Why would you like to go? What sites would you like to see?

I’ve always had a thing for Egypt. I’d wanted to be an archaeologist when I was a kid and I love all the pyramids, Valley of the Kings and all that, but, I’m gonna go with the Mariana Trench because how awesome would that be.


If by awesome, you mean dark, cold, & terrifying, then yeah. If you had to spend a year abroad with 3 Knights, who would you pick and why?

OK, I’m puttin’ ma’ foot down. Can’t choose, taking everyone and you all will just have to live with it. Why? Because all of SSG is awesome.


Good answer. Super power of choice? And the fatal weakness that goes along with said super power?

To create/construct/bring to life anything that my mind can conceive. Fatal flaw would be the inability to destroy it. So, um, be careful what you wish for? Totally the tagline for my movie.


GlaDos with the power to create anything… Be afraid. Be very afraid. On that note, another SSG Speaks draws to a close. Thanks for taking the time to share a little about yourself with us, Syren.

Until next time, game on!