SSG Speaks – SSG Omega

While many Knights have talented hands where a game controller is concerned, a choice few have hands with amazing abilities with pen & ink or mouse & keyboard. This time around, we’re taking a closer look at our resident artist & cartoonist. Somehow this man of tropical heritage ended up in the snows of Canada. In the midst of that journey, however, he also found SSG. We’re glad he did. Without further ado, let’s get to the interview.


Where to begin? How about at the beginning. How did you happen to find Sword & Shield Gaming?

Oh boy… Uhm. Well, there was an article on the Bungie site many moons ago now – basically taking about how great clans were and the comeraderie found in Halo, etc (I can’t find it, but man it was awesome!) I’d been lone wolfing it for a while (poorly, might I add) and a bit shy about joining a clan in general, but that article gave me thought to pause. It pointed to TTL as a springboard, I signed up and in this crazy world Jay came in my thread saying “hey, check us out!” and I did. I took a peek at the other clans… but SSG caught my eye and held my gaze ever so gently…
Before I knew it, the Reach Beta was happening and I was having the time of my life with these crazy people! I can’t imagine life without SSG now!


Since you’ve joined our ranks, has your gaming experience changed?

Like I said before, I can’t imagine life without SSG. I play it up on the forums, but I’m actually really pretty shy. The amount of friendship and brotherhood here has been just amazing. To have found a group of people who are essentially “strangers” just be so welcoming is pretty mind blowing. And this is such a fun and diverse group! I don’t often get a chance to play XBox, but when I do, it’s fun, when I don’t, it’s still fun.
And as far as gaming itself is concerned, my first inclinations are towards social/multiplayer games rather than single player now! Although it’ll still take far more to convince me to play Minecraft! *fist shake*


But the graphics are sooo amazing, how can you resist? So, in ten words or less, what does SSG mean to you?

Good times. Nothing but good times.


Hear, hear. What is the first game you remember playing?

Oh man… I can’t remember specifically, but I remember our family was the first on the block to rock that Nintendo. Original Mario and Tetris. And then a little later Duck Hunt and that crazy olympic triathalon game that needed the floor pad. I remember many hours with my sisters jumping around on that thing!


The earliest incarnations of Dance Dance Revolution right there. What was the first game that really hooked you?

Well, Mario of course, but Zelda is where it’s at, I think. That’s what got me to stay. I mean, I don’t remember specifically, but getting an N64 specifically for Zelda (and then Starfox later) says a lot, right?


What gaming accomplishment are you most proud?

Oh boy. Well, I talk a big game about Zelda, but beating Ocarina of Time was pretty awesome. First Zelda game I ever beat, lol. But let me tell you a story of a boy who battled for many hours, days, weeks, with King K Rule in Donkey Kong Country on the SNES. After failing many times, finally FINALLY achieving sweet sweet victory at three in the morning, lol.


Those old titles were so incredibly hard to beat. Finishing a campaign run today is child’s play compared to the sense of accomplishment for finishing one of the arcade greats. Let’s move away from the controller for a bit. What do you do when you’re not gaming?

Eh, not much? Lol. Aside from being shy, I’m rather boring also. I live with my wife and mother in law, I play with my cat. I read if I feel like it. Doodling also. Lots of doodling in my sketchbook or recently my DS. I love that little thing.
In the spring (or whenever it thaws up here) I’d like to take up jogging again, although why I haven’t tried skiing or snowboarding yet is beyond me…


What’s wrong with jogging in sub-zero temperatures & three feet of snow? Speaking of threes, what are your three favorite books?

City of Bones, City of Ashes, City of Glass. The first three books of The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. My wife gives me a hard time because of the genre (Young Adult), but I love these books! The story is fun and intelligent and characters themselves helped me get through some times. As well, I was aware of the author before she got published. She’s a nice person, and the whole series has become something of a motivator like; if she can make something this great, then so can I! And that’s what I really want to do.


How about your beverage of choice?

Favourite beverage: Cherry Coke. But man. It’s been a while. They don’t have it up here in Canada! I’ve got ants like crazy…


What have the Canucks got against Cherry Coke & Mountain Dew? I figured those would be pretty ubiquitous across North America. Apparently not. How about your favorite Halloween costume you’ve ever had?

The best costume ever was a Goliath costume I had one year. You know, from the tv show Gargoyles? It was a cheap little thing, but it had inflatable wings and I felt like a boss, lol. I think I still have them somewhere…


Pictures or it didn’t happen! What’s the best thing that’s happened to you/with you/for you in the last year?

Hmm, in the past year… Gosh I don’t know! Well, I guess it sounds like I’m sucking up, but even having the slightest hand in helping with the SSG redesign was pretty rad! And also meeting Misha Collins (Castiel from Supernatural)
Hmm, both awesome things…


All right, it’s now time for the Knight submitted questions. First from the literalists in the crowd:
If you’re the Omeaga who is your Alpha?

…my wife. Isn’t that obvious? 😛


Omega… So he is the end… The end of what?

Isn’t that obvious too? I am… THE end. (woah)
… Just kidding. I don’t know.


We know your wife is a big gamer, do you guys share a lot of interest in similar video games or are your tastes different?

Our interests are similar to a point… We both like Assassins Creed and Dead Space and Dragon Age, and such, but she can’t seem to stand Halo for long and I loooove Halo. She can play Skyrim over and over for hours and I just don’t have the patience for it! I guess generally I prefer the more straight forward gameplay, while she prefers the organic.

happy couple

I know moving to Canada was a big step for you, what’s it like being an American in Canada? And are all Canadians as cool as SSG Canadians?

All Canadians are rad. Actually, it was a bit of a culture shock when I first visited the first few times. Like, I’m a nice guy. Being in Georgia and polite in all, but people up here are a lot nicer! Not to the point like they do on TV, but generally there’s a lot more “thank you”‘s involved in holding the door open- and sometimes it happens for you. People are also a bit more chatty. The other day I got into a conversation with a guy about my DS and touch screen technology… I didn’t know who he was! Crazy man. And I know there’s a lot of food that’s invaded the States since I’ve moved, but I don’t think you guys have poutine. That stuff is amazing.
Also, SSG Canadians are one up on normal Canadians, because let’s be honest, SSG is that extra ounce of awesome!


Yes. Yes they are. What’s up with the art? Do you make a living off it?

I want to say ‘yes’? But the answer is… “sort of”
After I graduated from art college, pickings were pretty slim. I fell into doing freelance gigs when I can! Which actually works out since it’s technically the only kind of work I’m allowed to do while I work on my immigration!
I don’t make glamorous amounts of money but I do what I can.
Now, if you have a job or two for me…


If some members of SSG were animals, what do you think they’d be?

Oh man! Hmm… Well, it’s not much of a stretch, but I can see Grant as a coyote, or maybe a weasel or ferret. They’re sort of like animal trolls, hahahaha. Some sort of trickster animal.
And….I could see our lady members as either cats (Big cats like pumas, tigers, and leopards) or birds of prey. You don’t want to mess with them!
hmm… Aelius is a wolf, because he’s just legit like that. And the rest… man it’s hard. I can see people as bears and rhinos, (Honor Guard and Cavalry) lions, cheetahs, even some snakes! (our Raiders, many of them are crafty!) Maybe I might sketch everyone up some day when I have more time to think!


Oh that’s a sketch that needs to be made. Can’t wait to see it… Okay, one final question. If you were on the Starship Enterprise, would you rather… Work under Captain Kirk or work under Captain Picard? Why?

Don’t hurt me, I pick Picard! Mainly because that was the Star Trek I used to watch.
But honestly? Honestly? I’d ditch ’em both and go find Moya to keep Pilot company. He and I are bros.


Tiberius might forgive you. Might. That wraps up this edition of SSG Speaks. Thanks for sharing a little bit of yourself & your fun art with us, Omega! See you on the digital battlefield.