SSG Speaks – SSG He4then

This time on SSG Speaks we delve into the mind of a godless & carefree African mustelid known to one & all as SSG He4then. When he’s not dominating in Call of Duty, you can find him crushing foes in Airsoft battles. Grab a flagon of mead, pull up a chair, & read on to see what makes He4then tick.


How did happen to find SSG?

Long ago in the days of Halo: Reach I ended up against a lobby of TTL players. Got my Pants taken off and bottom slapped but at the end they were pretty cool about it. I have always loved a good challenge, but on XBL a solid team is usually accompanied by a Poor Attitude. I decided to take a look at a few of the member bios and found the Midworld Forums. SSG Frogwart replied with the suggestion that I add “SSG Recruits” to my friends list and that night I linked up with Dark, Grant and a few others and was immediately met with a warm welcome. Bonds were quickly formed, and the rest is History.


Reach? Oh yeah, ancient history threre. I’m surprised you even remember that far back (rolls eyes, grumbles about young whippersnappers). How has your gaming experience changed since you joined SSG?

It has blossomed in to a Beautiful Rosebud covered in sprinkles made of pure win. No matter which game i put in my Disc tray, I know I’ll have quality teammates online. Good Games are always an invite away and shenanigans are always waiting to be had.


And now for the question you always ask others: In ten words of less, what does SSG mean to you?

My digital home away from home!


Hear, hear. So, speaking of history, you’ve just passed your two year mark in SSG. How has the clan changed in your time here?

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe.

Our member base has grown, then shrunk for a short period of time, we’ve welcomed back some old faces ,seen our share of drama. Together, we suffered the loss of a brother in digital arms, exemplary knight, and close personal friend. But one thing i love most about this place is that our members are always there to step up to the plate and help one another through the rough times and enjoy the good.


+10 points for the Blade Runner reference. What’s your earliest gaming memory?

The original DOOM. I first played it at my uncles house after he left it loaded up on the computer and I loved every second of it. I was only 6 at the time. Since then, I’ve been hooked on the FPS genre. I’ve always been kind of narrow minded when it comes to Games and I’m just now realizing why.


Oh man, I poured some serious hours into Doom & Doom II… From childhood to now, what, in your mind, is your biggest personal gaming achievement?

Beating the final few levels of Doom at the age of 6 in one sitting before any Adults realized what I was doing. Not really the best game for a 6 year old


Yeah, Doom might be just a little gorey for someone that young. lol. What do you do when you’re not gaming or playing airsoft?

Dreaming about Gaming or playing Airsoft.

All right, all right, //Serious mode: Activate.

During the week I’m a supervisor at a Parts Distribution Center for Navistar. My days consist of hunting down missing inventory and ensuring every part for every order is picked, packed, and loaded on a truck. It’s a pretty fast paced job and I was only recently promoted. I started 2 years ago as a forklift driver doing the picking and packing; Now i get to tell others to do it for me.
My job is a real day killer, so by the time I’m off work its dinner, games, netflix and bed. I Live for the weekends. Whether its a day of Airsoft, A night out with Mz. He4then or just a lazy weekend gaming together, I’m always counting down to the weekend.


I think that just about everybody is always counting down to the weekend just about all the time. So what’s the best thing that’s happened to you in the last year?

Getting the Supervisor position for me was huge. It has opened a lot of doors in my life. The pay has been a huge upgrade and I’ve since gotten a place of my own with Mz. He4then. I can now afford to finish my education and my life has really been looking up.


And yeah, We're that stereotypical sickeningly obnoxiously cute couple.

And yeah, We’re that stereotypical sickeningly obnoxiously cute couple.


All right, favorites speed round time.
Favorite TV/Web series?

Red VS Blue. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched it from start to finish. I love the show and me and Mz. He4then quote it all the time to one another.
Frisky Dingo. The absurdity and constant running jokes. It’s my sense of humor made in to a show.
Game of Thrones. Because its Game of Thrones. No other explanation is needed there

Favorite t-shirt?

I have one of those Tuxedo T-shirts and I wear it all the time. As does the main character from Frisky Dingo.

Favorite Halloween costume you’ve ever had?

GI JOE! I wore the same costume damn near every year as a kid. Somehow that doesn’t surprise those who know me.


GI JOE? Pork chop sandwiches!! What’s the best practical joke you’ve ever been a part of or victim of?

During a Hippie Festival a few years back we pushed a buddy who passed out on an air mattress in to a creek. We started yelling to wake him up but he was out cold and ended up drifting a considerable distance down stream before running aground on a curve. It was hilarious as everyone yelled for him and threw things at him and failed miserably to wake him as he drifted further and further away.


Why AirSoft and what’s the most painful place where you’ve been shot? What style of combat do you play? Stealthy like a Navy SEALs or full on rush like Marine Force Recon?

My dad actually got me in to Airsoft at a young age. He spent many years doing WWII Historical re-enactments. I always wanted to dress up in his extra gear and head out on the field with him, but they fire actual guns loaded with blanks so that was a little out of the picture. They eventually transitioned to Airsoft and i was able to tag along. It only took one time out and I was hooked. I can’t tell you how much money I’ve spent over the years on my guns, gear and bbs. I Could guess but i really shouldn’t; Mz He4then will be reading this at some point!

The most painful place to get shot would be the face. unfortunately I’ve suffered through many painful headshots. Though, I deal em out just as often, so it all evens out.

My play style is swift, silent and deadly. I play with a larger team and I’m typically tasked with recon work. I’ve always been fairly energetic and athletic and i get to put those qualities to good use on the field. I usually scout ahead with a few others, inform the team of enemy movements, wait for the initial attack and while the enemy is engaging the rest of the team, hit them from an exposed angle and mop ’em up


So you’re a sneaky s.o.b. then. Good to know. What’s your dream job?

My dream Job would probably be an Airsoft event co-ordinator. The Bigger games are more scenario based and require a lot of staff and personnel to make things run smoothly. Some of the Bigger events fail miserably because of the lack of communication between staff and the entire event and the players suffer. Even though I’m sure i wouldn’t get to play in my own games due to the responsibility, its something i feel i would really commit myself to and could excel at.


That would be a very cool job indeed. If you could have an airsoft battle at any point and time, where would you go and why? What battle would you re-enact? Which side would you be on?

I would love to re-enact the movie Black Hawk Down.


Badass. Endless respawns for the OpFor & limited ammo/respawns for the home team. That would be intense. Moving on, if you had a million dollars & only 24 hours to spend it, what would you do?

Buy an Airsoft Retailer, a playing field, and a boatload of construction materials to build up the field of my dreams. Probably Based on the Movie Black Hawk down.


Do you have any unusual talents? Something most people can’t (or won’t) do?

As a few of our knights know, I Spin Hot Fyah!
I’ve been doing Fire Poi for about 5 years now. I’ve performed at clubs and hippie festivals and all that, but I’ve always felt it was more of a relaxing form of exercise to me.



What makes HE4THEN such a heathen?

Im kind of a sarcastic smart ass IRL. I’m also an atheist. 2 + 2 = He4then


Sarcastic IRL? I’d say in-game & on forum too, but what do I know? One final question: How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if that wood chuck was actually a honey badger?

None! Because the Honey Badger don’t Care!


Damn straight he doesn’t! Thanks for sharing a little about yourself with us, He4then.