SSG Speaks – SSG Gambit

Remy getting his nerd on


You’ve not doubt seen him around. He’s the one in the Warthog’s driver seat or riding pole position on a Mongoose around some crazy custom track map in Reach. He’s the guy shunting his way to the front of the pack in Blur. He’s the one behind the wheel of Nzapster’s anti-terrorism team. He’s the man with the ragin’ Cajun superhero avatar. That’s right, it’s that carousing scallywag known as SSG Gambit. A longstanding fixture in SSG’s Halo & Borderlands parties, Remy always brings the laughter to the game. Let’s take a closer look at the man behind the impish grin.


First off, how did you find SSG?

Actually SSG kind of found me. I was a part of the “Allies For The Win” back in Midworld along with Jayman, Ghost, Crystle, Private Ryan, Faithkeeper, etc… We all used to play on a regular basis and were all looking to get into Tied The Leader. After six months or so (I think, my timing could be a smidge off) both Jayman and Ghost decided to start their own seperate clans. Ghost was the first to reach out to me to join “The Howling Commandos” and I immediately jumped over to join them. Then Jay contacted me a few days later to join up with SSG… I told him that I had just made a commitment to Jon (Ghost) and that was that. Howling Commandos ended up falling through, we didn’t get the flow of traffic that we had hoped for and I decided to see if SSG was still interested. Went through the recruiting process and well, here I am… As a side note, Ghost and Crystle followed about a month later.


Damn that Faithkeeeper for joining the Gunslingers instead of the Knights! At least this way SSG’s women can remain child-free as long as they wish. How has your gaming experience changed since you joined SSG?

When I first started playing on Xbox Live I had a few people on my friends list but overall it was pretty frustrating. It was very hit and miss whether or not it would be a good time. I met Griffin (FaithKeeper) at work and he introduced me to the world of the GGN. Now, regardless of what time of day I sign online I’ve always got someone that I actually enjoy hanging out with to play with. SSG has become my second family and I love each and every one of you as such.


What gaming accomplishment are you most proud of?

I think my best accomplishment was winning a sniping match against Crystle in Halo: Reach… I don’t think it’ll ever happen again but I still have the video! Haha.


And I’m sure she still hasn’t forgiven you. Be on the lookout for money breathing cat dragon assassins… What do you do when you’re not gaming?

Honestly I’m either working as a process server or spending time with my fiancé and my son. Not all that exciting but I love it. I’m an absurdly happy person with a very blessed life.



We need more happy folks to counter-balance the grumpy old men like me. Okay, it’s time to play favorites. What’s your favorite movie?

My favorite movie, I would go with Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Absolutely hilarious. Robert Downey Jr and Val Kilmer at their absolute best. I love comedies that really make you think and this is by far at the top of the list.


Excellent choice. “Don’t worry, I saw Lord of the Rings. I’m not going to end this 10 times.” Favorite food?

It’s all about the Captain Crunch! Lol… Really though, that’s a super tough question. My fiancé is a professional chef so I get opportunities to try all kinds of interesting dishes all the time. I think if I had to pick a last meal it would be a beautifully cut prime rib cooked medium rare… Excuse me while I mop up my drool. Now I’m hungry.


Me too, thanks for that. Favorite t-shirt?

Well, this is a painful question… See, I used to have a number of shirts that I would cycle through, about six shirts… And then there was the tragic “red pen incident.” Somehow a red pen managed to sneak its way into my laundry pile on a day that ALL of my favorite shirts were to be washed and sadly there were no survivors. I have yet to come across another “favorite shirt” since… And that was about a year ago. I had had them all for years prior… I wonder who will play me in the movie Haha


Favorite Halloween costume you’ve ever had?

That would have to be this last year’s costume. I was Dr. Horrible and my fiancé was Captain Hammer! Haha.. It was fantastic!


But… Um… I thought… Er…I thought the Hammer was the penis. I’m so confused… Moving on, what’s the best thing that’s happened to you in the last year?

The absolute best thing to happen to me this past year was that my girlfriend (now fiancé) said yes 🙂

Engagement Day!


So, we know you’re a big fan of tattoos. What tattoos do you currently have?

Alright, to list my tattoos:
1. My first tattoo was on my left shoulder, it was a Celtic trinity. (I used to be very religious, I was actually on the path to becoming a Christian pastor at a point in my life)
2. A Mandalorian skull (technically not a Mandalorian skull but the insignia of Boba Fett… Who wears Mandalorian armor). Between my shoulder blades.
3. Myan writing on the interior of my right arm that says “Forgiven” with the APC (A Perfect Circle) symbol behind it.
4. My back is covered with wings made of cracked bones. I used to be in a band and one of our songs was called “Broken Wings”
5. My entire left arm and left torso is covered in Marvel characters fit into a loose tribal layout of my own design.
6. On the interior of my right leg there is a 16 bit Mario mushroom about four inches tall. My fiancé Ashley has the same tattoo in the same location 🙂
7. My most recent addition is my full right arm looks like its ripped into showing gears and soon to be showing the text from The Dark Tower series.


Dude! You didn’t mention the Arc Reactor on your chest. That’s the awesomest one in my biased opinion. What tattoos you’re looking forward to getting in the future?

I’m looking forward to getting 1) an energy sword (Halo) and a Kingdom Key (Kingdom Hearts) criss crossed under my Mario mushroom like a skull and crossbones 2) encasing my right leg in video game tattoos (design is yet to be determined… But I’m working on it and 3) a steampunk based rip on my right rib cage. I have no doubt that there will more to follow I just haven’t thought them up yet.


That’s a whole lot of ink. What has you hooked on it?

Really, I think the only reason I’m really as interested in ink as I am is because it gives me a unique way on expressing who I am. It gives me a chance to show people what I believe in, what I do, what I love and what makes me tick without them needing to ask me. You can take a look at me and pretty well deduce the person that I am from my art. I have good friends that were met simply because they recognize a symbol on my skin. In fact, the first conversation that my fiancé and I ever had was sparked because of the APC tattoo on my arm. All in all its an interesting way of telling people what they can expect from me up front… Iliterally wear my passions on my sleeve.


That is very cool. I never really thought about how much you could tell about a person’s interests and personality just from their tattoos. As a follow-up question, what’s one tattoo you would never get, even if the Knights took up a collection and paid you?

Any face, neck or hand tattoo… Oh, and a tramp stamp!


Is your name legally Remy or is it more of a nickname? If your birth name is legally Remy, +1 to your parents for giving you an awesome name. If your name is not legally Remy, what are you waiting for?

Sadly, no.. My name is not legally Remy… Yet. My full name is Jeremy but I really don’t like my name. I used to work with a Jamacian guy that could not for the life of him pronounce Jeremy so he started calling me Remy… I liked it much better and so it stuck. That was about ten years ago. The reason I haven’t yet legally changed it is because I don’t want to hurt my mom’s feelings. I’m a momma’s boy at heart.


And speaking of names, why Gambit? What is it about Gambit that draws you to him out of all the X-Men? If you could be any superhero, would it be Gambit or someone else? Why?

Gambit is awesome. He’s a smart ass that really doesn’t care one way or the other what side he lands on as long as he believes that what he’s doing is right, or will benefit him. Hence the name Gambit: any maneuver taken to gain advantage. Just makes good sense. If I could be any super hero, no it wouldn’t be Gambit, he’s a fantastic character but his ability is lacking in practical use. I would probably want to have the ability to create portals that can connect to any point of my choosing. ANYWHERE. It would be rather convenient to have a null zone between portals for safe storage of anything I want… Yes, I have put some thought into this. Haha.


But then you’d also be obligated to be haunted by an evil AI named GLaDOS… Would it be worth it? So, what’s your zombie apocalypse plan?

My zombie apocalypse plan is simple. There is a Do It center about a quarter mile from my house that I would lockdown.. Plenty of weaponry and a limited supply of food. Next door is a Big Lots and an Albertsons, I would use to equipment from the Do It center to open a spot on the roof of each location an slowly lock down each of those businesses. We would have control of a large defensible area with supplies to last for a good long while including generators (and gas from a Shell gas station within the parking lot), food and any other equipment we would be able to salvage from inside out little haven. Nearby there is a bus yard so we would have ample opportunity to travel if it came to that.


You’ve obviously put some serious thought into this. You’ve earned yet another nerd merit badge and are well on your way to becoming a… Um…a Phoenix scout? Sure, Jean Grey would sponsor that, right? Finally, what did you end up putting on your custom license plate and what does it represent?

Unfortunately I have not yet come up with a really good plate for my little car. I am still looking so if anyone has a good suggestion…


Y’all can make your suggestions here.