SSG Speaks – SSG Fusion

Take a jaunt with us, across the pond as they say, to the wet land of Wales, where we will sit down & chat with our biggest fan of chainsaws attached to guns, SSG Fusion.




How did you stumble upon SSG?

I found SSG when I was doing GameBattles. There was an advert at the bottom of the page saying “Want useful team mates? Sick of people leaving the game? Join the GGN!” So I decided to click it and there was SSG sitting at the bottom of the page. It was the only one that stood out and needless to say I signed up right away.


SSG is a long way from GameBattles. So, how has your gaming experience changed since you joined the Round Table?

Well I used to be really competitive and it got frustrating at times but SSG got me to start playing for fun, which was a different and new experience. Also I’ve had to adapt, I’ve had to learn to work as a team which believe it or not I still struggle with, hahaa!


I like to think SSG has the best of both worlds: competitive when we need to be, but never losing sight of the fact that we’re all doing this to have some fun. In ten words of less, what does SSG mean to you?

Quite simply SSG is family.


Aye. What is the first game you remember playing? What’s the first game that really hooked you?

The first game I remember playing was Future Cop on the PlayStation. Lew and I would sit up all night playing that game… Organising armies and attacking each other. The game that kick started the gaming life off for me was Pokemon Yellow, I am a huge fan of the Pokemon series (no idea why, just am). I spent quite alot of time on the Pokemon games. Between Lew and I, we spent about 2000 hours on Pokemon Ruby.


Nice to see organising spelled correctly for a change. None of this foolish zed thing we Americans are so fond of. What is your favorite gaming memory?

My favourite gaming memory was me, Lew, Sam and Jon on the wall outside my house having a 2v2 battle. Only two Pokemon left alive, Sam’s Rosaraid vs my Swampert. In theory the Rosaraid should annihilate my Swampert no question but it was EV trained. 252 HP 252 Defence and 6 Special Defence so it was really bulky. I managed to win with 3HP left. Sam and Jon were devastated. I’ll never forget the look on their faces.


So your favorite gaming memory is totally sticking it to your friends? lol. With friends like you… What’s your favorite past time besides hitting the Xbox?

My favourite thing to do lately is work in all honesty. I don’t like the people in work but the actual job I really enjoy. I’ve been doing so much overtime it’s ridiculous but great. When I’m not working I will usually play Pool. I got into a league team and have been doing quite well. When I’m at home I’m either spending time with my girlfriend or if she isn’t around I’ll a game, either Skyrim or a PC game called Ace Online. I’m hoping to create some videos of me playing Ace Online just because it looks really cool and complicated. Oh I also play football every Sunday at 8pm in which I generally get injured. People in there can get quite rough hahaa! Drinking with my friends is still well within the top 5 favourite things to do. I drank for the first time in quite a while on Saturday… We won’t dive into the details of that night, let’s just say I didn’t get very far!


Any unique talents or quirks?

Swimming is definitely one I’m most proud of. I’m a rapid swimmer. I did the 20/20 tow in 26 seconds which was the fastest in my class and again I also love playing pool. I have had some really good wins lately, going on unbeaten runs of 20-30 games in one night. I play football every Sunday too. I play in defence and I’m pretty solid there.


And by football, you of course mean the world’s game that we call soccer in the U.S. What’s your favorite beer?

Favourite beer has to be Budweiser… I know you don’t drink beer for the taste but it’s definitely the beer I could drink all the time and not get sick of it.


Please tell me that Budweiser in the UK is leaps & bounds better than the swill in a can they foist on us over here! So, inquiring minds want to know: how much do you drink?

Believe it or not when I turned 18, I was dead set against drinking all together. I never used to drink but around my 19th birthday I had started drinking lightly… When I say lightly I mean really lightly hahaa! It was literally one pint and I was done, home to bed but about 4 months after my 19th birthday my friends decided to get me shots and Jaeger bombs and I got into the worst state of my life. Got home and passed out with my head round the toilet in only my jeans. In all honesty even though I had the biggest hangover the next day and I was bed bound for about 72 hours, it was the best night I have ever been on so far. I’ve had some pretty bad nights since like I crushed my wrist to dust about a year ago from being to drunk. That was fun. I don’t drink as much anymore though and I don’t get into a mess like I used to. I haven’t been out in about 3 weeks now though so I’m not doing to bad sober.


Going sober for a while every year is a good thing. Everything in moderation & all that. When will you watch real football? (Don’t shoot the messenger! Blame Wookiee for this question!)

I was thinking about watching the next Super Bowl actually, I’m not sure when it is but it’s usually on at about 3 or 4 am so I might get a few friends round and watch that whenever it might next be.




Since you spend so much time on cars, what is your dream car?

Oooo… That’s a mean question! I love sooo many cars. I don’t think I can narrow it down to one so I’ll give my top 3. Aston Martin one-77, Lotus Exige and a Mitsubishi Evo.


Aston Martin. Good choice. Those are beautiful machines. What’s the best thing that’s happened to you in the last year?

Well the last year hasn’t been the best for my… Been through some pretty rough times but the past 3-4 weeks have been amazing. Between passing my NPLQ getting a new job which I love and getting a girlfriend. It has been a great few weeks. I actually saved a 6 year old girl the other day. What a mad thing that was. Sitting on the pool side in soaked clothes after you dove in is probably the worst thing about my job hahaa!


Wow! You’re a genuine life saver! If given the opportunity to choose between changing your past or changing your future, which would you pick and why?

I’d change my future because I never really did anything I regret alot in the past that I’d want to change. It’s all just been fun and games really. I actually have the power to change the course of my future now so yeah I think I’ll stick with the future.


Would you rather: be smart and always ignored OR be dumb and always listened to?

I’d much rather be smart. Knowledge is everything in my case and although no one will listen to me I can easily say I told you so in my own head.


I say I told you so in my head pretty damn often. What part of SSG do you take the most pride in?

I think what makes SSG is how close everyone is. I know I haven’t really been on or talked to anyone or got to know any of the new Knights recently but that’s only because I have internet on one thing and that’s my kindle. But yeah I think that I take the most pride in how we’ve gathered people from all over the world and made a little family.


If you came to visit any SSG member in America who would it be and why?

If I was to visit an SSG member I think the first member I would visit is Mike for the simple fact that I’m pretty sure I owe him a drink and I think us two on a night out would be lethal, plus I wanna help him find a nice girl… Unless he already has one I don’t know about.


If one of your American friends decided to visit Wales, where is the first place you would take them?

Depending on who’s visiting I would take them to Cardiff for a good Welsh rugby match… You know what American Football really is.


What is it like to speak a language that nobody, including those who live in Wales, can understand?

It’s actually really handy… Me, my sister and a few of my friends speak it so if we want to talk about something and we don’t want a certain someone to over hear the conversation we’ll switch from English to Welsh. It’s good for when we’re planning stuff like what to do for birthdays and things of that sorts.




How far off was the movie Snatch from reality?

I haven’t even heard of that never mind seeing it hahaa! You may have to fill me in on some details.


Do you resemble a dirty Brad Pitt?

I’m not sure I understand this question honestly… Maybe you Americans have a secret code that I’m missing hahaa! You’ll have to explain this question to me a little more.


See the movie & it will all become clear. If you were going to create the ultimate UK gaming hero, what would he/she be like?

I wouldn’t create a UK gaming hero, I’d probably create a Welsh one. They would have the ability to control the element of water. Which can be quite powerful. I’d love the power to conjure up storms. They would have the south Wales accent just because I love it and I’m annoyed that I don’t have it. Probably dressed in a black suit, only comes out at night. I love the dark (again no idea why). Sounds more like a villain than a hero but he/she could do alot of good like spread water where needed throughout the world. Save ships from deadly storms, so on and so forth.


One final question: how did your legendary Bromance with SSG MadMike get started?

Oh wow hahaa! I wonder who asked this? Well I think what made it possible for us to start a little bromance was the fact that we’re around the same age and we’re apprentices at the same time… We just got a couple of games in as you do and realised that we’re quite similar in what we liked and did, we basically had the same job and all that so it kinda just got easier from there really but I think the big thing that kicked this off was the pure noob owning night that we had on Halo wars. We went from game to game wrecking people without a single problem and it was fun watching people’s army turn into dust and watching them resign one by one. I’m positive that when I got Knighted the first thing I did even before I said thanks for Knighting me, was click yes on Mike’s thread for him to get Knighted hahaa!


Good choice for a first action of Knighthood. We’re glad to have both of you on board.