SSG Speaks: SSG Dragoon


SSG_Theo: Hello Dragoon

SSG_Dragoon: Howdy Theo

SSG_Theo: How long have you been with SSG?

SSG_Dragoon: Well I would say since just about the beginning. I knew all the overlords before this little shindig got started back when SSG Jayman was just Jayman007 and SSG Tomazero was just Tomazero….that goes for the trouble maker Odin as well I helped game with the Knights to gain status as a GGN clan, as did a lot of the older knights

SSG_Theo: How was the start of SSG? Like what did you expect out of the start of SSG and what were the realities like?

SSG_Dragoon: Well starting SSG was a big step for a lot of us; we all wanted a place to be. Someplace were we could be seen and heard as a group of honorable, likable guys. It was a bit rocky at the beginning. But Jay, Toma, Codemonkey, Wacha, Odin all did a great job of founding what is now SSG. It was hard at first because we didn’t have all the Knights or even people we do now. We had a good foundation of people though, so it steadily grew from there. Everything was just started when Toma was like “hey, Dragoon. Come join this new clan I helped form”. Toma and I are good friends so I decided to check it out….I didn’t really have a choice. What I wanted out of SSG was a group of guys who don’t yell, scream or call people names. A group of people that are calm, cool and collected. I hate to say this, but Toma didn’t do me wrong by coercing me to join. I found all the things I had wanted in one place. Great friends, and good players to go into Matchmaking and show those other dudes who is boss. The reality was that we were small; just starting, but aiming high. Everyone wanted to be part of the GGN. Jay, Toma, and Odin all had connections to other GGN clans so they went about asking how we could get into the GGN. It took us some time because we were small and not everyone could make it to games with other clans for a while, but over time we got it done. It was a great achievement.

SSG_Theo: So you’d say it was a complete success coming here. Good! Now we know a lot about SSG Dragoon but we don’t know the guy behind the tag. So, tell us who you are when you don’t have a controller in your hand.

SSG_Dragoon: Well. I’m just about 6ft, blue eyes I work most of the time. I pressure wash heavy equipment for a living. Hang out with friends, drink some beers. Chase skirts every now and again. I love being outdoors Hiking, camping, running all of it. Plus I’m very competitive so just about any sport or game that you can think of, I’ve played at least once. I also play Magic: The Gathering.


SSG_Theo: Because it is April I have to ask about your history of April fools. Have you ever been fooled or the fooler in some great pranks?

SSG_Dragoon: well not very many, once my Girlfriend at the time told me she was pregnant. She wasn’t….I thought it was a HORRIBLE April fools joke…..she thought it was just about the funniest thing in the world, that and the look on my face when she told me. Most of the Aprils fool’s jokes aren’t worth mentioning, but that one was….

SSG_Theo: That’s terrible. Looking back does your opinion on the comedy of the joke at all change or you still think it’s horrible?

SSG_Dragoon: It was a good April fool’s joke, because I don’t fall for many such things often. It’s funny now….then not so much

SSG_Theo: Understandable. It’s come to the period of the interview where people ask random questions. The first one is from Grant he asks, “If you have to choose 1 celebrity man on a legit date, which would you choose?”

SSG_Dragoon: ohhh man. I don’t know about these random questions…..but if I had to choose. I would say Hugh Jackman; he seems like a nice enough guy. Yeah, I’d take him out to a nice seafood dinner and never call him again.

SSG_Theo: Deadeye would like to know, “What is your favorite sport and team?”

SSG_Dragoon: My favorite sport is Soccer. I played soccer for four years in high school, and was team captain my senior year. I like to run so it seemed like the best sport for me. I don’t really fallow sports to often but I’m a blazers fan since I was little

SSG_Theo: Thank you for your time. This was SSG Dragoon Edition!

SSG_Dragoon: Thank you