SSG Speaks – SSG Dileas

For the next two SSG Speaks, we’re heading into Buckeye country. This duo of Ohio gamers was brought into the fold by SSG Dalcaeus a while back. First up to bat is SSG Dileas. He got smart & fled the cold of Ohio for the warmer climes of New Mexico. His resident visa in Camelot, however is still good no matter where he may dwell. Pull up a bench & let’s learn a little bit about Dileas ne Darth Bane Sensei.

He's the one in the hat.

He’s the one in the hat.


So what lead you to SSG’s gates?

When I was going to OSU in Ohio I met Daniel. He introduced me to a couple SSG guys while we played Halo and I thought they were pretty cool. I had never heard of a clan that was cordial to others so I looked SSG up online and applied.


Clans that play well with others do indeed exist. Unfortunately they tend to be the exception instead of the norm. How is gaming different for you since joining the Knights?

I actually use my mic now. Before SSG I pretty much muted and ignored everyone I didn’t know. There was a time when I actually became one of those kids. I sucked pretty hard at Halo (and still do) but I trash-talked so much that it didn’t matter. My rep was 1 star then. Those were dark times. But now that I’m with SSG those days are behind me…. for now….


Mission accomplished. One of the greatest things we do is show gamers that there’s a better way to conduct themselves online & that gaming with honor is something to aspire to. Although that “for now” is a little foreboding…

In ten words or less, what does SSG mean to you?

Respectable group of gamers. Beep Boop Zip Zop Bippity Bop


Gaming history time. First gaming memory?

Super Mario Bros. for the NES.


And first gaming addiction?

Donkey Kong Country. I can’t count how many times Ive beaten that game. I knew where all the secret caves were and everything. Just thinking of that game makes me wanna play it again.


What do you do when you’re not gaming?

Well right now Im working as a cook at Chipotle and as game advisor at GameStop. Im saving money right now to hopefully continue school at UNM in the fall. Aside from work, I play Magic a couple times a week and watch a lot of YouTube. I read novels pretty frequently, also.


YouTube is perhaps the greatest impediment to productivity that the world has ever known… Okay, any favorite bands?

My favorite musical group would be Daft Punk because I can listen to them no-matter what mood I’m in. I don’t dislike any of their songs. Second group would be Nightwish. Their music is just so epic and awesome. Third would be Tenacious D because they have the rocket sauce.


“Lesson one, the powerslide!” Favorite food?

Pizza. I’m pretty original. Nothing tastes better to a starving student than pizza.


Spoken like a true starving student. Pizza is truly the life’s blood of every college campus. Without it, great institutions would crumble into ruin & bad Chinese takeout. Favorite Halloween costume you’ve ever had?

Ninja. Me and a buddy actually snuck into a Halloween party as ninjas and “assassinated” every party guest without the others knowing. Probably one of my proudest high school moments.


What’s the best thing that’s happened to you in the last year?

Probably getting the Chipotle and Gamestop jobs. I really need the money and I love both jobs.


Wow…you actually love service industry jobs? Good for you man! Life’s to short to hate what you spend a third of it doing. Time for a power trip: if you were in charge of SSG for a day what would you do?

Probably create a Play Station appreciation day so we can all enjoy those glorious Sony-exclusive games that will not grace the Xbox. (haters gonna hate)


I won’t lie, there are a couple PS exclusives I’d like to play. Not enough to pony up the cash for yet another console though. A canister of radioactive waste falls off a passing truck & breaks open in you face. What super power do you get as a result of the radioactive mutation.

Teleportation. No gas required


Haha! Again, spoken like a starving student; your first concern is about the price of petrol, not wielding superhuman powers. Should video games be considered an art form?

Yes. Books, movies, and music are all art. Video games have almost all forms of art represented in them.


You used to be Darth Bane so you’re obviously a Star Wars fan. With that in mind Darth Maul or Darth Revan?

Well I am embarrassed to say Ive never played KOTOR. But Darth Maul is a pushover and his canon is dumb so idk.


Darth Maul wouldn’t have been so dumb if he hadn’t been summarily executed in his first movie. As usual, I blame Lucas but shall refrain from opening that particular can of worms this time. Next question: X-wing, T.I.E. Interceptor, or Firespray-31?

T.I.E. Interceptor because it looks badass compared to the squashed-egg Firespray. And it can fly circles around an X-wing.


Excellent choice. The regular T.I.E. fighters look so terrible & unwieldy. How do they ever convince pilots to fly ’em when that sexy interceptor exists? Gee, would you like a Ford Escort or a Nissan GTR? Okay, moving on, why the name change to something we can no longer pronounce without standing on our heads and our kilts flying up? Where did it come from?

Well I had had the tag DarthBaneSensei since middle school and I was getting kinda tired of it. I also wanted a name with some meaning to me that I would be comfortable with in the future. A good portion of me is Scottish and my grandpa is from Edinburgh so Ive always been proud of that. I figured having a Gaelic name would be pretty cool and Dìleas (Jeel-yuss) means faithful or loyal. I chose that as a personal tag for my relationships with friends and family and the fact that the MacQueen clan motto is “Constant and Faithful.”


Knightly qualities indeed. Zombie / Mutant Horde / Robot Uprising / Return of the Dinosaurs survival plan?

Robot uprising plan:
>Create a device to blot out the sky so they cant use solar power.
>If they start to harvest humans as power sources become The One and break free from the false cyber world they trapped me in.
>Go back in time to protect the mother of the commander of the human resistance from a large Austrian robot.
>Have sex with his mother and die protecting her.
>The woman gives birth to my son, Will Smith, who investigates a murder he believes is caused by a robot.
>Will Smith finds the AI trying to enslave humanity and destroys it.


A cunning trope laden plan. Clearly the robots would be wise to eliminate you before the rest of us. Thanks for sharing a little bit about what makes you tick, Dileas. Until next time, game on.