SSG Speaks: Jettstream Edition

Jettstream. The Man. The Myth. The Legend.

Theolauncher: Greetings Jettstream

SSG_Jettstream: Hi Theolauncher

Theolauncher: So, how was it that you found yourself in SSG?

SSG_Jettstream: Well the whole thing was luck. I started using twitter last Winter and saw a Bungie post about something call I was looking for some people to play Halo with so i gave them a shot. After awhile of hanging out there I met and played some games with Jayman and some of the other knights. We hit it off, and after a few weeks Jay asked me to come check out their site and i haven’t look back since.

Theolauncher: Now it is my understanding you were recently promoted to ‘Arbitration Templar’. What were your initial thoughts when given this job?

SSG_Jettstream: I was quite honored that the Overlords thought thought that much of me, to grant me this post also to be completely honest a little nervous.

Theolauncher: Have you been given the opportunity to put the title to action? I mean it’s your job not to go to far into detail but if you had the chance was it hard?  Explain as much of the experience as you can I suppose.

SSG_Jettstream: I just started so i’ve been reviewing a lot of stuff, but i keep my eyes and ears open and offer my help where i can. There been a couple small things nothing earth shattering, not to go into details but we all have different personalities and we all have good days and bad being part of the community like SSG we have to respect each other. The Mantra of the Good Game Network is “Good Game” which means play nice…

Theolauncher: We all know the importance of a good game. I feel we all know the SSG Jettstream but who is Jett in real life. Please inform the readers about yourself. What do you do besides playing video games?

Jett in ActionSSG_Jettstream: I’m married and have one son, I work for the provincial power utility and a Senior Network Specialist, fancy way of saying computer geek, specializing in Microsoft Windows Servers and Hardware. I used to play soccer and baseball, but my older bones don’t bounce back the way they used to… I also love reading and movies…but i’ve always been a gamer so when i got an xbox 360 it sucked me back into gaming.

Theolauncher: What kind of books and movies do you enjoy reading/viewing? Any interesting reads as of lately?

SSG_Jettstream: primarily SciFi & and Fantasy, my 2 favorite books of all are Snow Crash – Neal Stephenson and The Dragonbone Chair – Tad Williams. but my latest book was an autobiography by Micheal J. Fox calle Lucky Man. I’ve read so many books over the years between my wife and myself we have shelves upon shelves of books…I away joke we should open a library.

Theolauncher: How long have you been collecting them?

SSG_Jettstream: My whole life…I’m 46 next month, i had a trunk full when i met my wife 20 years ago and we’ve just never stopped.

Theolauncher: Nice! Now onto our readers question. If you didn’t know starting now we are going to have reader questions. People submit random questions all month and if lucky they get their random question spotlighted. This one is my own, If you could be an animal what animal would you be?Jett as a Bird

SSG_Jettstream: Peregrine Falcon

Theolauncher: Good choice. Any final comments for our readers?

SSG_Jettstream: Finding the SSG and the GGN has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me, i never new communities like this existed and I think anyone who sick of all the crap on XBL and reads this should look us up and give up a try.

Theolauncher: Thank you for your time! This was SSG Speaks: Jettstream Edition!