SSG Speaks: GrantClaunch

SSG_Theo: Greetings Grant!

GrantClaunch: Hello there Theo

SSG_Theo: How did you come across the GGN or more importantly SSG?

GrantClaunch: I was searching for fun Halo videos on Youtube and came across a video from TiedTheLeader. The end of the video had a website so I checked it out, created an account, Jayman told me to check out SSG because we are both from Missouri… And then I did.

SSG_Theo: A video? What type of video were you looking up at that time?

GrantClaunch: Well, I was actually searching for Easter Eggs in Reach, so I don’t know why I clicked that video. It was about having fun no matter what and playing with your teammates instead of just playing a game – and even though it wasn’t from SSG I still noticed SSG held to the same standards that the GGN had written as a basic code of honor. In fact, after a few weeks of playing with some Knights I even invited my wife to join SSG with me because I knew SSG would be a great place for both of us.

SSG_Theo: Has bringing your wife to SSG perhaps brought you guys closer? In terms of now you both have the same friends on xbox live so you play together more often.

GrantClaunch: SSG didn’t exactly bring us closer, haha; we already played together all the time and had tons of fun just the two of us. But SSG has helped in our gaming relationship as far as Xbox Live friends. Before, I always muted everyone and never touched the mic – to me everyone was annoying. Now I am always looking for opportunities to play with a team because I know that my wife and I can enjoy a normal conversation or joke around, all with other people who aren’t obnoxious. For both of us this is less frustration and more fun times – and I always enjoy seeing my wife laugh and smile.

SSG_Theo: I would like to move this interview into a more personal story. Who is Grant in real life? What does he do outside of gaming?

GrantClaunch: My real name is Grant Claunch. I went to the University of Kansas for 2 years studying Electrical Engineering & Computer Science. I changed my major to Youth Ministry and also moved to Missouri to go to Baptist Bible College. I enjoy building & fixing computers/laptops, building & designing websites, and don’t care for Mac’s. Also I really like teaching kids, as so far I have been able to spend a year tutoring math & reading to elementary kids and during the past 3 summers I have worked as a counselor at a summer camp. I also like to play tennis, guitar, piano, and playing with my puppy.

SSG_Theo: Ah yes the puppy. What is thy puppies name again?
GrantClaunch: Lily

SSG_Theo: Cute. How long have you and Irish been together?
GrantClaunch: 4 months

SSG_Theo: How long before marriage? And tell me a bit about the relationship if you could. This is the month of love.

GrantClaunch: We were together for 2 years before we got married and we were good friends even before then. We met at Baptist Bible College and neither of us had a vehicle so we hung out in the Student Center a lot because guys and girls weren’t allowed near each other’s dorms. Since Springfield is a moderately boring city we didn’t have many options for dates – so we had to improvise. We learned to play the piano and tennis together without anyone teaching us and that was a lot of fun because we were both learning new things while forming a closer relationship. We also worked together in the school’s cafeteria so we were pretty much together all the time.

SSG_Theo: How did you two meet?

GrantClaunch: I was hanging out with some of my friends after church and she was there too. She was very quiet because she’s shy, but regardless I was able to get her to talk by making fun jokes about her not being able to understand English (because she wasn’t talking much haha).

SSG_Theo: haha nice. May be a bit early in the marriage but will we see Grant and Tulip jr’s walking around taking over the Halo world! Anytime in the next decade?

GrantClaunch: I guess sometime during the next decade haha, but plans are to wait a bit.

SSG_Theo: haha. Now I am going to go to my random question section. Today we got a question from your wife Irish she asks, “If you could live out any music video, which one would you choose?”

GrantClaunch: Sorry, that’s a fun and difficult question and my wife didn’t tell me ahead of time

A few moments passed….

GrantClaunch: I told my wife that’s a mean question because it was so difficult haha, since I don’t watch too many music videos. I’d have to say What’s My Age Again by Blink-182. Who wouldn’t want to go streaking through a whole town knocking random stuff over?

SSG_Theo: True true. Thank you for your time sir. This was SSG Speaks: GrantClaunch Love edition.