SSG Speaks: Ghost Rider


SSG_Theo: Hello Ghost Rider

SSG_Ghost_Rider: What’s Crackin Theo

SSG_Theo: Nothing much just interviewing you. How long have you been with SSG?

SSG_Ghost_Rider: I joined up with SSG sometime at the beginning of 2010 after months and months of SSG Jayman hitting me up to rally with his crew. Finally I caved and decided to be part of the club and, to be honest, I haven’t looked back since.

SSG_Theo: When I first came to SSG months ago you were a recruitment knight. Now your title is community Knight helping us keep on track for MKH. How has it been holding those titles?

SSG_Ghost_Rider: It has been my honor to hold titles and help out in any way possible. Most all of the overlords and quite a few of the Knights too had been my friends long before SSG even came into fruition. So blending into their system so things could run as smoothly as possible around here has, and continues to be, an enjoyable experience. As for the jobs individually I feel as if they both are very suiting to my nature. Most anyone who knows me can tell you I am extremely sociable and more than anything else I enjoy having fun, laughing, and kicking ass with my fellow Knight. Bringing new people into the shelter of our clan was fun. And now creating events to bring us all together for good games and good times has been even more fun.

SSG_Theo: Now this may be drilling into a Ghost Rider secret to success. But some of our readers, even myself, would like to know how you so quickly climbed the ranks? It is projected you’ll be top rank in a year you’ll be top rank pulling in 28,000 credits a day!

SSG_Ghost_Rider: Haha, well Theo there is no real secret to my success. I have played halo almost exclusively since I was about…15 or 16 years old. As such I have an understanding of how the base mechanics work so when Reach came out I was ready to get down to business. Once that happened I just constantly drilled into the challenges and commendation levels in the game to get those credits. Believe it or not I even stayed away from the campaign “farming” techniques until way after Bungie nerfed that method by not allowing any more credit gain after silver level was reached. Between matchmaking with my fellow Knights and hundreds upon hundreds of Grunts via score attack I have achieved a pretty solid rank in the reach system. And, aside from a few new games that I just picked up, nothing will stand in my way of reaching Inheritor someday. It’s all about the dedication to the game. And I am certainly a Halo fanatic. Even so to the point where Private Ryan and myself are creating a Dice based Halo system very similar in effect to Dungeons and Dragons. What can I say I am a giant nerd. I reckon that is why we all get along so well here, haha


SSG_Theo: A dice base Halo game? How long have you guys been working on that?

SSG_Ghost_Rider: About a week or so now I guess. We have been avid players of D&D for years and Private even went so far as to do his Honors College thesis on creating your own role playing game. I feel like we have a solid enough background between that and the amount of hours we have both logged in Halo to create an awesome game. Who knows, maybe by the time we are finished we can kick off a campaign for everyone to play with over in our Pen and Paper games forum.

SSG_Theo: Now that we are talking about real life away from the xbox. I would like to ask you to explain to us who Ghost Rider is? Who is he away from the xbox?

SSG_Ghost_Rider: Who I am in real life is very similar to who I am on LIVE. I like to hang out with my lady, my friends, and my family. Still being the jester of sorts and just having a good time in any and every way I can. I always have said that I believe life is far too short to not live every day of it as happy as you possibly can. I have an awesome job as a delivery driver for the largest Liquor distributor in South Carolina. I have a wonderful girl whom everyone also knows around these parts, good friends, and a loving family. But at the end of the day when all that work, family and friend time is over it is XBOX and my SSG family that I keep coming back to wind down with every night before bed. Do you see how it all connects? haha
SSG_Theo: haha. How did you meet Crystal?

SSG_Ghost_Rider: I met CrystLE about 3 years ago over on the Tied the Leader forums actually. We were both allies over there and somewhere between then and now we have played an ungodly amount of games together, fell in love, I have moved across the continent to be with her. We are powering through immigration and all of it’s stupidity and all in all just living life and enjoying every minute of it in the mean time.

SSG_Theo: Love being found over xbox. Every nerds dream! Well will move onto random questions now. We got two for ya the first coming from Jayman. He asks, “What made you to decide to join SSG?”

SSG_Ghost_Rider: Well, as I said before, Jay and I had been friends for quite some time before SSG ever came about. It was bound to happen in any case just because of that. The ONLY reason I didn’t join SSG on the day it was founded was because Private Ryan, Crystle, and myself had started another clan just a week or two before SSG called the Howling Commandos. At that time we even had SSG Gambit over there with us too. However the formation of two clans from the same base group of friends ending up being a bit on the silly side and as SSG had much better…everything that I did over at the Commandos site we just shut it down and decided to reunite with all the fine folks that I had so many good games with in the past. I believe the first quote on my thread after that time was Jay saying how full of win the reunion was. And, as I said before once again, I haven’t looked back since.

SSG_Theo: Thenext is from Dead Eye. He asks, “Do you like to boogie?”

SSG_Ghost_Rider: …I don’t even understand what that question entails. I call things that come out of my nose boogies. In which case I am sure I used to like them. However as an adult it is socially unacceptable to enjoy a good boogie. As such to save my own face I will say…No…I do not like to boogie. Haha

SSG_Theo: I believe it is a type of dance.

(22:07:38) SSG_Ghost_Rider: Hm, Well in that case no. I still do not like to boogie. I have about as much rhythm as the moss that grows on the side of aztec ruins. Which leads to the conclusion that I cannot dance. Which then leads to the conclusion that I do not dance.

SSG_Theo: haha. Thank you for your time. This was SSG Speaks Ghost Rider Edition!