SSG Speaks – Dangerous Cutie

She’s been on the MLG circuit. She’s our designated LAN planner. She’s the knight of a thousand gifs. SSG’s Dr. Doolittle. The princess of woop woop! She’s our very own Dangerous Cutie who definitely lives up to her namesake on both counts. Let’s sit down & learn about what makes Anna tick.




We start, as always, with how you found SSG?

I found SSG by creeping on Praetoria Guard when Thor told us (a group of misfits really) to check it out. I saw the banner about SSG Rhys and decided to check out SSG and what it was all about. After reading the home page and of course those pesky forum rules I decided that I’d rather be a Knight than go through all the stuff PG made you do. Also I enjoyed the more.. er.. mature aspect that SSG offered. Now I see that boys will be boys.. old or young. Men, right? Geez. I’m glad the women of SSG have tea-parties and sleepovers and the Triforce!


How has your gaming experience changed since you joined us?

I haven’t snapped a controller into pieces, or thrown an Xbox out the window so overall I say it’s going pretty good! It’s really helped my anger issues, I’m no longer considered “dangerous”.


Glad we’re saving you money in controllers & pane glass replacement costs. In ten words or less, what does SSG mean to you?

Haven with a side of family and fries.


Mmm fries… What is the first game you remember playing?

The first game I remember playing was Digger, or some sort of knocked off version to it! My dad has photos of me playing it when I was about 2. My dad had built this computer in the late 80’s early 90’s that was only for games and he had about 300 of them on it. Digger was the only one I can remember actually playing a lot and getting really into it.


Two?! Wow, you started very early. That explains your mad skills. What was the first game that really hooked you?

Halo: Combat Evolved. If it wasn’t for that game I probably wouldn’t be a Knight right now. I wouldn’t have any clue about gaming or gaming communities for that matter. Oh gosh, that’s such a scary thought… but perhaps not. It could lead to an alternate universe where I’m revealed as a llama that was morphed into a human and injected with super powers!


Hear, hear. Halo CE is the only reason I’m here as well. You used to be a pro gamer. Why did you stop competing?

Do you know hard it is to hash out sixteen hours a day of your life to a video game? Uh? DO YOU? DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA? OH MY GOD THE HORROR. THE HORRORRRRRRRRRRRR. I also just got burnt out and felt gaming was drifting from me – BUT THE HORROR WAS REAL.


Anything taken to extremes loses its luster. What is the best you have placed in a MLG event?

It was in the top 32, but I think our placing was either 23rd or 25th place. I’m not really sure.. It’s been so long. All I can really remember is sleeping in a hotel room with about ten guys. (Don’t tell Thor)


Do you plan on formally competing in video game events in the future? If so, which games are more likely to be your favorites for competing?

If gaming allows me to virtually escape into a alternate reality like SAO then absolutely. However no such games have caught my interest long enough for me to decide if I wanted to get all competitive again. I like being retired at the ripe age of 23.




What makes you so awesome?



What do you do when you’re not gaming?

I sleep, eat food, and lift heavy things. Sometimes I run. Mostly I eat. Selfies of course; Instagraming my food. (Is Instagraming a word?) Maybe a few movies. Titanfall on my other account. Wait a minute.. I don’t think I was supposed to say that. >.<   Other account? You’re two timing us?! So, you are taking culinary arts in school. What are your plans post education? Do you want to own a restaurant or see the world as a traveling chef?

Well I was trying out Culinary Arts. If I were to own my own restaurant I’d want to own a bakery. I rather be a pastier if I fell into that field. Lucy and I were gonna have this cute little bakery near a park and it was going to be dog friendly and we’d offer healthy eating options and stuff like that. I also thought maybe becoming a private chef to celebrities as well. Now I’m thinking about becoming a cop, or writing a book, or heck a zoologist with an archeologist minor. I’m not really sure what I want to do with my life.


Join the club. I still have no idea what I want to be when I grow up. What’s your favorite movie? And favorite book?

I can only choose one!? How horrible of me to choose. Hmm.. I guess I’d have to go with Ghostbusters as my favorite movie and Where The Red Fern Grows as my favorite book. :s


“This reminds me of the time you tried to drill a hole in your head…” If you had the power to communicate with one species of animal but only one species, what animal would you choose & why?

Ha. That’s easy – dog. But what if I got deserted on an island and all there was were birds? Then I’d want to talk to birds because they’re a lot more useful than a dog. Those little pecker things can poke out an eye, dive for fish, fly a message for help. Maybe I should change my answer? Can I change my answer? I rather it be a bird. Or a T-Rex. A T-Rex would be kinda cool. It could eat all my enemies.. but then it wouldn’t be able to pick me up. Oh god.




If SSG had to face off against that army of robot squirrels from Sir Riasus’ interview, would you side with us or betray us for the nut gatherers?
Ha-ha. You said nut(s).


Your evasion of the answer is answer enough. A wonderful fairy gives you the option to open a bakery for FREE with all the bells and whistles! You get to choose what it is called, where it is located, and you can also make one special request. What do you decide?

I say grant me Immortality with all the super powers I ask for and to be skinny forever and you got a deal. It’d be called Slice and it’s located near a park in a nice, clean city.


If you were given the opportunity to go on a date with any famous person, who would you pick and where would you take him/her?

My e-parents never told me to talk to strangers, but I’d totally take Thomas Jefferson out to Saki and pick his brains.


Where in the world do you most want to travel too?

Where in the world don’t I want to travel too? If we could I’d travel the whole freakin’ galaxy man. I’m an Adventurer!


Good answer. Now are you need is a Millennium Falcon. Given that in each of these scenarios you have no way to leave, would you rather spend the rest of your life A) On board a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean with limitless supplies B) On a deserted island, fending for yourself or C) Locked in the basement of a Knight of your choosing. Which one & why?

I’d go with B. The real life Hunger Games man. I’d show Katniss how it’s done.


If you’re half as dangerous in real life as you are on the digital battlefield, Katniss could definitely learn a thing or three from you. If you were in charge of SSG for a day, what would you do?

I’d turn everyone gay.


Who is your favorite Dad? (Gee, who do you think asked this question?)

[Answer not found – Question void]




If you had a hundred million dollars & only 24 hours to spend it, what would you do?

I’d probably give about $60 million to different organizations such as German Shepherd rescues, no-kill shelters, K9 unit bullet proof vests, homeless shelters, etc. I’d put $30 million in a fund for people who needed scholarships for college. $9 million would go to people who having amazing inventions or need funding for their research (like that chick who might have found the cure for cancer). The last million would be split between the Knights of Camelot.


And that, ladies & gentlemen, is DC for you. A little bit dangerous. A little bit wild. Always cute. And a all around great person. Thanks for your time, Anna. Until next time, stand by for Titanfall.