SSG Speaks Aelius

SSG_Theo: Hello Aelius

Aelius: ‘ey there, Theo

SSG_Theo: How long have you been with SSG?

Aelius: A few months short of a year. I applied in either August or September of last year and gained Knighthood status on my birthday. Easy to remember, being that date, and it was during all the previews of Halo: Reach.

SSG_Theo: Since then how has your gaming experienced evolved?

Aelius: It’s been tremendously more enjoyable. Before discovering the GGN, it was a struggle for me to find friends online, and since I didn’t have any local friends who played XBox, I was often stuck with random folks on XBLA. I became increasingly frustrated at being paired up with people I didn’t know (I was a shy guy), and was even considering dropping my attempts at multiplayer. Luckily, I found some interviews from various GGN clans on, so I decided to give it one more shot.  Since then I’ve had a constant number of friends to hang out with and play with online, which has definitely made things far more enjoyable

SSG_Theo: What lead you to join the SSG instead of some other clan in the GGN?

Aelius: SSG stood out at first, due to the Camelot/Medieval theme (I’m a sucker for themes), and that ended up being the first I researched. I checked out the other groups, but some weren’t accepting new recruits while others’ websites didn’t quite seem as organized as the SSG site. I also liked how clear the Code of Chivalry was about respectful gaming, which was exactly what I was looking for in a group of online (and possibly offline) compatriots. Given that they were accepting recruits, I decided to go for SSG.

SSG_Theo: What games are your primary focus while on xbox live?

Aelius: On XBL, I often stick with Reach as it is the one I often find the most friends on. I also enjoy Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, as it is unlike any other multiplayer game out there, and very fun with buddies. Hide and seek with knives, heh. I’ve been trying to start on Blur, too, as I love racing, but every time I get the chance to buy it, something more pressing demands my money and I have to delay it. Some day… I may get into the Gears of War 3 multiplayer when it comes out, as well.

SSG_Theo: Cool, now I am sure we all know Aelius the member of SSG but what we don’t know is the Aelius in real life. So, quite simply who is Aelius away from the screen?

Aelius: Welp, I am a librarian at an agricultural college in south Georgia. You might think it’s a fairly stress-free job, but just wait until finals week every semester Beyond that, I also enjoy writing fiction and trying art from time to time. I’ve already got a potential novel being looked at by an editor, and reading into the Halo universe has actually given me some loose ideas for fan fiction.

SSG_Theo: What is the book about? Are you allowed too say?

Aelius: I think I can give a little synopsis. It’s basically a fantasy story told in a modern setting. A group of individuals learn they possess a genetic link to ancient mythological heroes of days past (think Hercules and so on), and right as they begin to manifest those heroic traits, two warring societies gain notice and think that these people are either a threat or a liability. Now they have to figure out how to stay alive through this ordeal, if only they could stop bickering with one another and work together.

SSG_Theo: Sounds amazing! Have you any short stories to share on the forum?

Aelius: Thanks! But alas, I don’t think I have any short stories ready to post at the moment. I may have to take a look through my documents and see if some have slipped my mind, though.  I do have a couple that are in-progress, though.

SSG_Theo: Good luck with them! How about family have you got any of that?

Aelius: Heh, indeed! I have a younger brother who graduated from college last year, and a mother and father taking care of our two dogs back at home.

Aelius: My brother and I often geek out about movies and video games. Star Wars and Skyrim seem to be current topics of discussion.
SSG_Theo: The future does in fact look good for gaming. Now onto random questions. The first one is from Jayman, “If zombies attacked the library what would he use to defend himself?”

Aelius: Well, there are plenty of big bookshelves and carts to use as makeshift barricades. If they get through, then we’ll have to resort to whatever office supplies are available to fend them off. Perhaps we could disassemble those big paper cutters and use them as crude machetes, or throw some huge encyclopedias at them with the hope of snapping their necks and severing their brain stems.


SSG_Theo: The next is from me, “Who is more bad ass Darth Maul or Darth Revan?”

Aelius: Oooh, this is tricky, because it’s so easy to be biased here. Okay, while Darth Maul definitely as some badassery due to the awesome lightsaber and fighting style, he was and always has been an apprentice. Revan, on the other hand was a Sith Lord, and brought together an entire armada to take on the Jedi. Plus, you gotta admit that a revenge tale (light side or dark side, Revan still went after and slayed the former apprentice that nearly killed him/her) is always badass. Having an entire army under you command, escaping death and betrayal, and then going back to bring down the empire that was stolen from you, is far more badass than having a cool fighting style that couldn’t save you from getting sliced in half and tossed down a shaft.

SSG_Theo: Thanks for talking with me. This was SSG Speaks with Aelius.