SSG Resurgence

This post has been way overdue, ladies and gentlemen. Since we voted for the SSG’s Game Of The Year, so much has happened within SSG that this blog would be at least ten miles long if I chose to write about it all.

We’ve had a small collection of members leave our ranks. Some seeking out their own ventures  and some seeking out other pastures. Many things can keep us from gaming – and here that’s okay. Life happens first and people grow and change. Forging your own path is something many of us have to do and sometimes that takes us away from familiar surroundings – but you know, often times that’s just what you need.

Active or Emeritus, you are all remembered as Knights deserving of honour and respect and we wish you well.

Leadership has changed hands within SSG after the recent shuffle. Please join me in welcoming our new Overlords;




Jayman, of course, was one of the original founders of our digital castle, but He4then and Jett are the fresh blood to the seats of power and we’re all glad to have them there. Just as one needs to step away from familiar surroundings to grow, the same can be said for adding two new fresh pairs of eyes within. The trio have already been hard at work revising many things about Sword and Shield Gaming, with many things already in place, such as;

Wookiee – Camelot Chancellor

Camelot is our forum; and as Chancellor Wookiee rules as moderator. No small task, but already he has taken his duty on in full and has begun implementing changes and gathering information for a more organized forum community at large.

There are still more changes to come, but those are for later and for future posts. Until then it’s business as usual; Monday Knight Halo, Wednesday Night Warfare, and Friday I Don’t Even Know! The point is that we haven’t stopped doing what we’ve been doing, or doing what we love.

New faces, Allies, and former Knights – you are all most welcome to come in, see what there is to see and have a good time with us.


The doors are always open.