Sof/SSG Mixer


Hey Readers!

Being cool is a plague that has completely engulfed both clans SoF and SSG. For those who are noobs Spirits of Fire and Sword and Shield Gaming. Most scientist believe that once the infection begins there is nothing to do but embrace it. One of the biggest challenges involved with having two cool groups in one place there is often a ton of fighting. Regardless of this sound scientific research SoF and SSG went against all odds and challenged this belief. The result? Well it was nothing less of a MIXER. *crowd explodes with applause and tears*


Now some may see these next pictures and think that SoF and SSG were busy fighting each other the entire time. We assure you it was all in good fun but if you have children under the age of 90 you may want to hide their eyes from the next few pics. There is fire involved. Yes 90.



Now I think I assured you things were not that evil and deadly. Well we were playing SPEED HALO. We all know zombies can be killed and zombies can kill others. So I fully endorse the ‘Blame the Zombie’ movement and wish you all to agree with me on that. We will have t-shirts someday. Something I don’t understand is the physics of it all. WHY DO YOU SPIN WHEN YOU ARE GOING STRAIGHT FORWARD INTO THE TELEPORTER! So I had to let that one go honestly I will hold my self back from now on.

On a lighter note here is a picture of Halo SPEED. A sexy zombie picture will also come forward somewhere in there.


I’m sorry I should have warned you prior to seeing the zombie pic. It’s graphic. That sword looks sexy though. Like really look at it. Blue. Purple. Fluid. They definitely change the entire gaming world with the amount of detail they put into that sword. I am being serious on the fact it looks stunning. Has every shade of blue.


Where were we? Oh yes racing. On the top of the page I posted a opener from a race we had. t was actually the first thing we did after one BTB match. I scored 3 bombs that match but you know Raiders gonna Raid and Slayers…. gonna slay. Match results be under this paragraph followed by a Race pic.


I’d thank Gambit for the maps if I was you. He hosted races like he was totally boss. One would suggest he is boss but I wouldn’t suggest it. Ego’s tend to form from people saying nice things to Gambit. Once I told him nice helmet. He totally was baggin on me because I had the same helmet. Not planned I assure you….. I went off on a random tangent again I suppose. I guess a picture of  NartFOpc sniping is a good thing.


Sexy right? Well it’s SoF what would you imagine would happen.


Now I want to be the first blogger to say thank you to SoF for the good times and games. Below will be the names of those SoF that served with us. May the force be with you!

SOF Members



melonmon – He got in there but couldn’t confirm his relation.
Commanderdemon – Same as above


SSG members:

SSG Theo
SSG Dalcaeus
SSG Dark
SSG IrishGirl
SSG Gambit
SSG Apocalypse
SSG Cazaril


IF I FORGOT A NAME TELL ME. Seriously it’s easy to add on.