Offline And Still Able to Play

Halo 4 is set to drop on us in just a few hours, depending on where you are in the world,  heck maybe you have it in your hands now. Either way I’d like to take some time and talk about something important, and quite relevant to the subject of Clans.

Life takes it’s toll on all of us. Jobs, money, family, they all come first and every Clan knows and respects that sometimes you can’t game. Sometimes you may even just stop entirely.


My time with SSG has taught me one thing: when you join a Clan, it’s more than just a group of people you can game with regularly.
It’s a family.

A family who looks out for one another on and off your chosen digital battlefield.

It’s not just myself who has been limited in their online experiences, fellow Knights, Emeriti, and Friends have all had their share of absences at varying lengths. The wonder of this is that the community here at SSG is no less hospitable regardless of how long that leave may have been. All smiles, and pats on the back for all, suggestions, talk, discussion, it’s all there and everyone’s welcome to come in and out as they please (or are able). It’s amazing how much brotherhood among SSG I have observed and experienced,  I’ll even profess that more than once I have found it truly moving.

The doors of CAMELOT (Our forums) are always open to anyone who registers with us, and is the heart of our castle. This small digital domain on the web has become the hub of activity, especially since our Resurgence.

It is still the go-to for introductions, PGLs (pre game lobbys and set ups) challenges, etc, but as I mentioned earlier, it has become so much more.

More Ways to Play

At the end of August, SSG iAmGrant devised a way for us to get together and keep the games rolling, no matter where we are. As long as you had internet access, and found your way around the forums, you would still be able to play along side Knight and Friend alike with our Forum Based RPG.

The concept isn’t new, sure. I have been a part of many forum RPGs, many of them unimpressive and have fallen apart from ill management. At SSG, however, I have found these well managed, quite satisfying, and challenging to play. In fact, I had found myself so caught up in these games that it took me a depressing amount of time to realize that, even though I still had no Xbox access (or any other online platform game) here I was, playing with my friends more than I ever remember since I had the privilege of becoming a Knight.

Since the success of the first RPG, there have been others in development, played, and more on the way.

This is a truly wonderful, and inspiring thing.

Join Us

Don’t be shy. We’re always ready for more faces and friends, and I hope this gives a better understanding of the versatility of our digital realm. Honestly, that was just the tip of the iceberg. Come in, sit a spell, join us for all sorts of games, and see the full scope of what we have to offer.

Image from GameInformer

See you soon.