Monday Knight Halo: Reach Edition

MKH has become a cornerstone of SSG for the Halo faithful, much like it’s cousin WKW (Wednesday Knight Warfare) for the CoD veterans. Yesterday kicked off the first MKH since the launch (and fall) of Halo: Reach. While the first week was mostly spent With Knights trudging through the campaign either solo; soaking in all the details and storyline in this epic prequel, or commandeering other Knights to help battle the Covenant side-by-side through the skill-humbling Legendary difficulty.

8 SSGers prepare for battle.

Not to say that matchmaking didn’t get a workout before MKH, but Monday we showed up to play. With 16+ Knights and Apprentices in two different parties through-out the night, Good Games were had. A few network “difficulties” were not enough to stop these gamers from enjoying there next great battlefield.

If you weren’t able to partake in MKH, don’t fret, I have some screen shots to give you a taste of the action.

SSG Jayman mid-air with a grand vista behind him.

Knights collaborating to defend the base.

There can be only one team with a Falcon on our watch.

With their heads ablaze these two Spartans prepare for battle.

Our lovable Overlord, Whachamacalzmit, takes down a Red foe with a knife to the brain pan.

This Red was luck to move his head to the right just in time to avoid this headshot that might have saved that poor Knight from assassination.

This Spartan has his blue visor and is readying his DMR for combat.

And of course my new favorite pastime, Ghost destruction via Armor Lock.

So don’t miss out on the teamwork, fun, shenanigans ,and Good Games next week, look for a signup soon for the next MKH.

– SSG Jayman