Monday Knight Halo: GGN/Bungie Edition

The lust worthy blue flames only obtained with a paycheck from Bungie.

This past Monday SSG hosted a full house of gamers wanting to get in on the craziness that is SSG’s Monday Knight Halo. Not only did we have 12+ plus SSG Knights onlyline and ready to play some Halo but we were joined by several GGNers as well. We had Gunslingers and Wheelmen show up from GGN clans, and even surprise appearances from the PMS clan and Bungie employees.

The night started off with SSG throwing themselves to the Matchmaking Gods for some multi-team action. Rocket Hog Race was the game type and it didn’t disappoint.

The big group decided to split up to a pair of smaller groups and myself oppted for some Team Objective in what could be, the last time for a while, to play with fellow Knight and friend; CaLL Me GiL. You see Gil is a military man and is being deployed soon for a top secrect locale. The virtual battlefield is not enough for him (and a few other Knights that serve) and SSG wishes him safe journeys.

Getting taken down from above and below.

Cappin’ the flag; like a boss.

Honor Guard, protecting the flag

As the night went on, my party of four grew to eight as we brought in members from, TTL, HWM, PMS, and Bungie. We even had 12 again at one point and decided to mix it up again in some multi-team.

Sadly, I was having severe issues last night with matchmaking towards the end of the night. I’m about 99% sure it has to do with my acceptance into the Xbox LIVE Preview Program, which has something to do with a beta version of the dashboard and a new disc format Microsoft is testing. So I kept dropping out of matchmaking and it even nuked my internetz for a while. But Good Games™ were had and that’s what MKH is all about!

See you next week!