Let’s make it a family affair

IrishTulip & GrantClaunch

This morning Sword and Shield Gaming inducted two new knights. Unlike previous inductions, this was family event with the induction of GrantClaunch and his wife, IrishTulip.  Many guys hope for a girlfriend or wife who at least understands their gaming habits. GrantClaunch is lucky enough to have one that not only understands, but enthusiastically shares it with him.

GrantClaunch has chosen to join the ranks of our Honor Guard division.  I’m sure SSG Jayman will welcome the extra help defending the base.  Don’t assume though that in this gaming couple that GrantClaunch carried most of the weight.  IrishTulip has a dead-eye when it comes to wielding long range weapons.  A sniper in her hand is down right devastating.  Appropriately, IrishTulip has joined the ranks of our Archer division where her skills will not go unused.

Everyone give these two a warm welcome.  They’ve shown their mettle and have proven themselves quality gamers, worthy to be inducted as Knights here at Sword and Shield Gaming.