Knights vs Recruits #1 01/07/13

With our recent abundance of recruits here at SSG one of our recruits, DukexOfxMania, suggested the idea to have a Knights vs Recruits event.  Not only would this help in getting the recruits some game time with our Knights but it would just make a great event/tradition to start here at SSG.  So the plan was set: we would hold our first KvR event just before our weekly Monday Knight Halo (MKH).  We had 3 rounds planned: slayer on Haven, CTF on Ragnarok , and slayer on Adrift.


Team Slayer – Haven 


Recruits 60 – Knights 23



With recruits in blue and Knights in red, everyone was ready to go.



The Knights quickly found themselves outmatched by the recruits, and by recruits I don’t mean new to gaming…  These “recruits” come from around the GGN and even the MLG circuit, but they are all looking for a home here at SSG.


Red bodies piled up, it was a grim sight…

Capture The Flag – Ragnarok

Recruits 1 – Knights 0


The Knights made an early push for the Spartan Laser which seemed to pay off.

As the recruits tried for an quick rush 3 deep in the hog, they were in for a surprise.

A swift laser and a triple kill.

But the Recruits came back with a vengeance.

The Recruits were able to grab the flag and score it in no time flat.

The rest of the match was a stalemate, but never boring.  See the hot mantis on mantis action above.

Team Slayer – Adrift

Recruits 60 – Knights 25

The final match was played just for “fun”, but everyone had their game faces on.

Sticky detonator to the elbow.

Ah, a classic Halo fight:  sword vs plasma pistol…  Wait, what?

(Click for HUGE version)

Finally I’ll leave you with a special panorama I put together.

I want to thank all the Knights and recruits that came out tonight to support SSG, play with friends, and meet new ones.  Oh, and next time we won’t go so easy on you. 😉