Knight Induction and Knowledge


It was a clear October day as the Knights awaited the scariest weekend of the year a apprentice was becoming noticed for his many achievements. It had been a long travel spiritually, mentally, and physically for the apprentice but the travel indeed seemed to be paying off. As the Knights discussed his fate the apprentice lay waiting with his sword laying far on the other side. Every apprentice like him gets a sword with a small encryption on it, “Your journey will be long but well rewarded.”

Time dragged on for this apprentice but he remained focused and certain his journey would be well rewarded with a key to the castle. The small hut he lived in was becoming to small for his liking.

After little deliberating Codemonkey left the roundtable to embark on his journey to Frogwarts huts to tell him the decision they reached. Frogwart could hear the crowd gathering at the gate to welcome Codemonkey. Frogwart could hear, “He has a sword!” The crowd got even louder in anticipation as the noise got closer and closer Frogwart stood up. He walked quickly to his door and was met by a wall of flesh knocking hi off his feet. Looking up dazed he saw Codemonkey standing before him, “Greetings Overlord.” He placed his hand on his heart and nodded.

Codemonkey looked down with a smile, “Frogwart today you don’t bow to any knight. Your journey to knighthood is complete. Today and for ever on you are a knight sitting at the round table equal to those who came before you and equal to those who come after you.” He places a sword down on Frogwarts chest attached to it a key.

Frogwart quickly got up and lightly ran to the castle door. After the key let him in Frogwart was received with open arms. “Welcome,” said many as they greeted another knight to the castle.

Now on to the topic of Knowledge.

Recently SSG has added a new forum area to its forum. This new one is named, Gaming Tips and Tricks.  Now what does this mean? It simply means anything that seems like some good tips and even tricks in Halo: Reach and I’m sure other games will be in there. Some already vastly popular threads are the daily challenges guide. Every day General Ghost writes up a new guide to help people learn how they can easily get all challenges done. Imagine a way to easily figure out how to get all the challenges done and completed in a day to add another 6k credits to your bank. Quickly that adds up.

How to get there? Simply click this link and you will see what I mean.

Sorry to any non-apprentice, Knight, or community friend who currently can’t see it but that just wants you to become a apprentice or a community friend right? haha

Apart from just that forum area I would like to highlight a few other things about knowledge and Halo: Reach. Some great sites to look at will be listed below do read into them and better your game! Can’t hurt to read them can it?

If you find more and want them to be added to the list please do tell!