How To Join Our Community

Gamers come looking for a community like ours for a reason. They are tired of dealing with the filth, the chaos, unreliable teammates, griefing, modding, cheating, and general nastiness that can be found in online games and lobbies when playing without a good group of people. We aim to help give people a safe harbor, a place where you will always have good people, good memories, and Good Games.

Step 1.

Register for an account on our forums. Fill out the short form, follow the instructions, and once finished you will be able to read and post on our forums.

Step 2.

After registering and reading our policies, simply navigate to our Recruit Profiles Board and start a New Topic. Your introduction is our way of getting to know you and getting some background information on why you are here and how you came to find us. This will be the best way to tell us about you and what you enjoy.

Step 3.

All you have to do is play games, be active, and get to know the Knights. We have a dedicated section of SSG to set up game lobbies and get people together to play games. Our Pre-Game Lobby is ready to add your name to the list and get some games in.

Step 4.

What are you waiting for? We want to meet you.

Want to become a Knight? Simply state in your introduction thread that you wish to seek Knighthood. We will proceed with the next steps based on our Recruitment Policy. Once you become a Knight, you will have access to all the forums, review new recruits, have the possibility to hold administrative positions inside of SSG, and make a vow to uphold our Code of Chivalry.

Want to become a Community Friend instead? Simply state in your existing introduction thread that you wish to be a Community Friend. A few more options will then be available to you.