It’s a Whole New World!

Shining shimmer….. *ahem* Sorry, didn’t see you there.

Well kids, It is time to touch upon something I personally feel hasn’t gotten enough attention and is generally underrated by the Halo community. Halo 4 forge! We’ve seen world editors before. Past Halo games had them, Far Cry has them, Age of Empires has them. Yet what makes Halo 4 Forge… Halo 4?

Now What is so different with this Forge, from Reach, or Halo 3? A lot! While it may not look like a big change from those who haven’t forged avidly, it becomes more apparent the more you use Halo 4’s Forge. So what is so different?

  • Magnets
  • Maps
  • General Changes

Magnets: How do they work?

Check out Gamespot for a 5 minute video of a producer running through forge and making an interesting 1 v 1 map. He uses magnets for the majority of the creation process and this map was made in a little over an hour.

  • (To turn magnets on, press “B” while not holding or highlighting an object)

While magnets are amazing when used properly, they can get to be a hassle, there really isn’t anymore need for the older halo style of spending ten minutes trying to line up two pieces so you don’t trip over anything. Yet sometimes the magnets will pull objects you don’t want, then you’re forced to keep turning them on and off.

Maps that you can almost feel the grass on



The maps are a HUGE part of forge editing. Not only do they help ascetically, yet with the new system of pieces and blocks having their own look on different maps makes everything flow a lot better. The addition of Dynamic lighting helps with creation to make the maps seem more like an actual map, rather than a forge created one.

I will say while I like the maps over all. They are all unique and it is hard to make something completely from scratch. You could Use Erosions foundry setting for a blank canvas, yet then you’re stuck with a metal factory type setting and everything starts to look the same.

Of course, those tiny things we barely even notice

Maybe, it is just the speed your monitor guy moves at. Or the range in which he can grab things. Or maybe it is just the buzzing of the monitors brain in this game that gets your Forge jollies going. Yet those invisible things that the company puts in the game really matter. It is why one halo game is better than another to someones opinion.

There isn’t a way to objectively say which forge is the best, or even if it is needed. Yet with small things that companies keep adding to it, it keeps it fresh and alive. It will breed new creators and in that, create new style of maps, which will eventually lead to different play styles.

So get out there, show people your world, and most of all good games