Induction – SSG Mania


We had to make room for another chair at the Round Table yesterday. This time it was for a gamer formerly known as DukexOfxMania. Mania is no stranger to the Good Game Network but he had been inactive for a peace before arriving at our gates. He displayed knightly attributes right off the bat, not asking for any preferential treatment for being a know quantity, instead requesting to go through the Trials like any other new face. While biding his time in the outer keep, he showed great attitude & some awesome initiative, even going so far as to organize all the Recruits & Apprentices to take the field against the Knights, with some sobering results.

Hailing from Michigan, this young scholar is a great addition to our fellowship. Stop by his thread & welcome him. If he’s not there, he’s probably doing his FNG duties mucking out the stables or polishing our armor.