Induction – SSG Ironhawk and SSG Watchtower


Today a new Knight joined our ranks at the Round Table. Hailing from our Good Game Network sister clan Iron Fox, SSG Watchtower has always been a fan of the King Arthur stories so he decided to bring his lance to Camelot & ride into battle alongside the Knights.

SSG Ironhawk (a friend of SSG Dark’s, who despite the black mark of being a coworker of Dark’s–or maybe out of pity for it, come to think of it…), our last inductee back in December, will gladly hand over the stable cleaning duties to Watchtower, I’m sure.


From Nebraska & Iowa respectively, these two fine gentlemen bolster our ranks to twenty-six & continue to cement our position as the preeminent gaming clan in the Central time zone. See you on the digital battlefields Spartans.