Induction – Nomaly 117 & BaCarDi XL

As the sun set upon Camelot yesterday, two new Knights took their seats at the Round Table. One hails from the shores of the Pacific Northwest, the other from the green hills of Ireland. One is a young blood, eager to make his mark upon the UNSC, the other is a wise ancient looking for good teammates to conduct Black Ops with. Both have found what they sought with the Knights.

Nomaly found us many months back when he was comparatively new to Xbox Live. He did things right by landing in the GGN from the get go instead of suffering the wilds of XBL vulgarity for months on end. An avid Halo fan, you can find him rolling in Halo 4, Halo 3, & ODST when he’s not trying to figure out how to infiltrate 343i’s headquarters up the road from his home.

BaCarDi had the Luck of the Irish with him when he sought out a mature gaming group to join. Don’t let his age deceive you for he’s as quick with a virtual rifle as he is with a good joke. He’s also taken it upon himself to educate the denizens of Camelot on Irish folklore, adding a welcome bit of erudition to the tomfoolery of our forums.

Stop by their profile threads to welcome Nomaly & BaCardi to Camelot!