Induction: DeadEye Is A Knight

DeadEye was pulled from the halls of MidWorld, where the Gunslingers reside.  Many clans from the Good Game Network use MidWorld to find lone wolves and from there, Good Games, and even a place to call home.  DeadEye was part of, what we call around here, the “Bungie Rush”, and soon found he way into a night of Reach gaming on an epic scale.  Recruits from all over came together and gamed with SSG and the GGN for an awesome night of gaming.  If you missed it, please read about it here:

Since that night, DeadEye has been a faithful Apprentice here at SSG, and now that all the other Knights have been sharing the battlefield with him, we know that he has earned his place here with us at the Round Table.


PS. Be sure to stop by DeadEye’s profile thread and congratulate him.