Induction – Dangerous Cutie


It’s been a busy week in Camelot. Yesterday saw one more Knight being invited to join us at the Round Table. This young lady from the Lone Star state ups the competitive quotient in our ranks by living up to her name: Dangerous Cutie. She’s been a professional MLG gamer since 2006. We’re glad she’s on our side. With the addition of D.C. we now have four very, very proficient Halo women. Anyone want to put odds on an SSG vs. Frag Dolls match?

But it’s not all DMRs & BRs with Anna. You’re just as likely to find her wielding a digital pick axe helping us build our castle in Minecraft when she’s not too busy dyeing her dog or playing with her mice. At any rate, stop by & say hi to our newest comrade in digital arms.