Induction – CrimsonHarpy, Sir Riasus, and SenatorPsyanyde

Our ranks are growing. Barely have we begun the ribbing of the newest Knight when another one comes along to take over the stable mucking & armor polishing. By the time the sun set on Camelot today, three new Knights had joined our company.


Our Canadian contingent (only two or three more & we’ll be able to run an all Maple Leaf BTB team) added Sir Riasus, from the great city of Toronto. A Gunslinger pointed (Thankee-sai to TTL Saej) Riasus towards the Good Game Network last fall. After kicking the tires (or should I say checking the shodding?), he chose to throw his lot in with the Knights. Stop by his thread & bid him welcome.



Our second addition is a terribly humble Californian who may or may not own a chocolate factory. In a story all too familiar to the women of Xbox Live, Crimson Harpy sought a refuge from the sexism & vulgarity that assails the solo female gamer. It goes without saying that she found a safe haven & always ready battle partners at the Round Table. Welcome her here (and maybe try to curry favor for some free chocolate).



But wait! There’s more! For the same low price of admission to Knighthood, you also get a trusted GGN veteran. A stalwart companion from the glory days of Allies FTW has finally come home to roost. Psyanyde rounds out today’s trifecta of new Knights. After renewing his gaming ties with the old crew over the last couple months, he takes his rightful place in the castle.

One from the west coast. One from the east coast. One from the great white north. Chivalrous gamers are emerging from all corners. We welcome these newest additions to our online family & urge them to sally forth into the wilds of Xbox Live spreading the mantra of Good Game. Now, Crimson, about that Sequoia trunk for a bigger Round Table…