He4then’s Induction

Sometimes, you meet a person that-at the first few moments of having them in your life, it seems like they were always there. It’s hard to imagine life without and you just assume that’s how it’s always been.

People might call that… romance, but for our purposes it’s bro-mance. When the vote went down to induct He4then into our ranks, it just made so much sense that you’d think we’d forgotten it. Nah, we were just too busy already being awesome with our Knight and new friend.

He4then joined our boards in Dec 2010 already with a thirst to formally take up arms with Knights in honour of the Good Game ™. My personal experience with him have found him to be among the strong-silent type in game. He’s the guy you’re surprised to see on your way through mid-field, helping clean up kills, as well as the guy slowly making his way to the base. Calling out when needed and always offering a friendly word, He4then is the man you want backing you up and most certainly on your team.

March 22nd this year marked the official day when the vote from the SSC (Super Secret Council™) was handed  down and granted him Induction into Sword and Shield Gaming. Though for many in the brother (and sister) hood, He4then was already part of our digital home as naturally as air fills the sky. Congratulations were given, he quickly sold out proudly adopted ‘SSG’ to his tag, and good times continued to be had with his new brothers in arms. It was just so natural and felt so right, but don’t just take my word for it;


Running running running. He’ll know what it means.

SSG Gambit

Heathen is BA… That’s all you really need to know about the guy.

SSG IrishGirl

HE4THEN is a really cool guy to game with. He is quiet and chill about everything, but he also knows how to communicate with teammates for a great game. I’m glad he joined us as a knight!

SSG Jayman

When I founded SSG I really did it so my current friends and I would have a place to call home. Little did I know know that we would continue to grow and gain amazing new Knights (and friends) like HE4THEN.

HE4THEN is the kind of person that SSG was made for, teamwork oriented, always having fun, and plays with honor. It’s doesn’t hurt that he can dominate the battlefield with a variety of weapons/vehicles either!


In He4then’s Own Words;

…to everyone here in Camelot for making my stay here so enjoyable. It’s been a true pleasure getting to know you guys and gals, and the games that we’ve shared renewed my faith in online multiplayer.

Hey, it’s our pleasure having you here, man! You complete us.

Keep an eye out for this guy on and off the battlefield, he does not disappoint.


BAM. Flag to the head.

He4then's 'helping' blue team in some Stockpile. What a guy!