Halo: Reach – Rank Up Tips

Reposted with permission from SSG Apprentice: Shadowstep2003

Hey Everyone,

Some of you whom I had the pleasure of playing with last night noticed that I was already a Major Grade 2. I’m here to share a few quick tips on how you can rank up just as quickly in the limited (or unlimited) amount of time you may have.

Before I go into anything else please refer to the following site for a quick list of all available ranks and how many credits it will take to achieve it. Some of you may be stuck at Warrant Officer Grade 3 and believe me when I tell you that once you pass it, things get MUCH easier.


Now aside from logging in a whole bunch of hours there are a few others things you can do to make the transition from one rank to another a bit easier.

CHALLENGES: The daily and weekly challenges give the player a pretty good amount of credits. Even if you only have an hour or two of free time to play you can still manage to complete two or three of these daily and those bonuses will add up over time. Also, please note that any Firefight challenge can be done in Score Attack which pits you against the enemy AI in a variety of gametypes. The advantage in this mode is that you don’t have to compete with three other players looking to achieve the same thing.

COMMENDATIONS: Hitting start from the main menu will bring up a list of options one of which should be entitled Commendations. These are broken down into three groups, Campaign, Multiplayer, and Firefight. As far as I know there are five tiers (could be more) for each commendation: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Onyx. Hitting the milestone for a specific
commendation will get you to the next tier as well as earning you a nice bonus to your credit score (lol). In some cases this can be as much as 2500 for hitting the milestone or even more!

Suffice to say, focusing on hitting these commendations will help alot in the long run. Personally, I only worry about the Campaign and Firefight commendations as I have more control in achieving a certain one. The multiplayer ones will come in time. If any of you have ever played COD the system is fairly similar.

GAMETYPES From what I’ve found, playing Firefight solo (Score Attack and most any gametype within) will garner the most credits per hour. Most of the score attack gametypes (Sniper Fight, Crashsite, Gruntpocalypse) will take you around 7-8 minutes to complete fully and can net you around 1k credits consistently. If you haven’t given this playlist a try its worth a shot as some of the gametypes are very fun. My personal favorite is Crashsite where you defend a generator against wave after wave of covenant. The best part is that they give you unlimited ammo and an overshield to get the job done. (Check out my FileShare in-game for the video “Last Spartan Pt 2”)

The problem with regular multiplayer is that it will only net you around 800 credits or so without completing any commendations and depending on the gametype, matches can last a very long time. However, I will say that playing solo will never amount to the sheer enjoyment that you can get from playing with friends so don’t feel like you have to go all out on this playlist only. Halo is all about having fun and if you’re not then whats the point?

CONCLUSION Hitting that new milestone with all the armor unlocks and bragging rights that it brings can be a beautiful thing, but keep in mind that ranks aren’t everything. They aren’t skill based and everyone will get to the same point eventually so don’t feel rushed and take your time. Halo Reach is an amazing game with a wealth of different options that can keep you up to the wee bits of the night so enjoy it.

I hope that this post only enhances your experience and brings you a tad bit closer to witnessing everything the game has to offer.