First Annual SSG Halo Olympics

There are things that happen in the universe that we simply can’t explain. The stars light up, the planets align and create a moment so beautiful and perfect that it can hardly be matched or duplicated. For that moment, all things that seemed impossible are possible, and anything and everything happens in glorious synchronicity. Sometimes it takes a few people, or just one to harness this power and change the world.

One such man from our noble Guard led the charge. He had a dream -nay!- A vision of something  pure and he harnessed the energy of perfection and crafted with great care what would be a test among friends. A test of courage, tenacity, pure nerve and creative thinking. As he finished, he looked down upon his creation, satisfied, he turned outwards and bellowed; “LET THE GAMES BEGIN!”

On the eve of the first day of 2011, GrantClaunch brought to us the First Annual Sword and Shield Gaming Halo Olympics.

Here contains the chronicles of these sacred games, forged by his own hand:

Image by GrantClaunch



As the torch was lit the contestants came, utilizing only a controller and guts. In the end, great fun was had by all.

Gambit showing off his balancing act

Intense soccer match

Splatter-Flag… Who knew?

Watch for falling zombies

I should have brought a change of pants

No resting while in the Blood Bowl

Here, catch!

Outnumbered in dodgeball… Never surrender!

Seriously, how do we get out of this tiny box??

Here’s an intense round of Splatter-Flag*. It’s a fun game Grin

*EDITOR’S NOTE: video added 01/30/11! view below

Sadly, I was not among these brave Knights and friends among these games, but I’m sure this will be the first Games of many in the years to come!

Of course this is not all that Sword and Shield Gaming has to offer for good games and fun. There is always Monday Knight Halo to look forward to, and Wednesday Knight Black Ops. Why don’t you stop on by and take a look around?

>The Gates are Open <

We look forward to seeing you.