Dalcaeus Joins The Round Table

A vote was passed down from the super-secret meeting room of SSG’s Membership Council and from that emerged a newly Knighted Apprentice, Dalcaeus. This screen shot (that I nabbed from Dal’s own fileshare) fits his zanny personality. If you’ve been in a party with Dal for more than five minutes there is little doubt that you haven’t heard one of his ‘Bazooka Gum’ style jokes, for the 3rd time… 😉

Dalcaeus showed up last night for SSG’s weekly event, Monday Knight Halo, like he does every week and was greeted with the news of his Knighthood from a party of 14 Knights. Quite the induction. Dalcaeus rounds out the Knights numbers up to an even 30, and has already decided to join the Raider division. The Raiders, although starting off strong with SSG’s inception, has lost quite a few members to other Divisions so Dalcaeus will be a welcome addition.

Dalcaeus seems to make a favorable impression on everyone he meets, and I knew it was only a matter of time before he received his own set of armor. With his light humor, team-first attitude, and his compassion for fellow Knights he was everything we were looking for in a recruit. I found Dal while he was checking out the fine clans over in the Good Game Network. I told him to go check out what SSG has to offer, and the rest is history. Now I could wax on my own feeling about Dalcaeus but don’t just take my word for it:

SSG Odin:

The first time I noticed this guy, he was a FNG in a GGN lobby. Didn’t take note of him till he said this REALLY, REALLY, BAD and I mean like ‘FML, that’s bad’ joke. It was so bad that it was awesome. I got hooked.

IMO, he’s one of the best examples of a GGN Recruit. If all the people applying to be in GGN clans were like him, we’d have to shut down recruitment in a week.

SSG Dead3ye

I have played many good games with Dalcaeus in Crysis 2. He always seems to be able to brighten the mood when our squad is horrible and we are getting pounded by the other team. I know I am in for a good laugh when he starts a sentence off with “Did you hear the one about…” Welcome to the castle Dalcaeus.

SSG Gambit

You never really know what’s going to happen in a party with Dal… He could be on Nyquil… and a betrayal spree, or he could be making offhand comments that leave your ribs hurting.


I never expected someone to be able to crack a joke while pumping an opponent full of bullets.

SSG Frogwort

I first ran into Dal in a Friday night dustup he’d been invited to by Sunburned Goose over at TTL. While my bullets strayed into the occasional ally, Dal’s always found their intended targets (on the opposite team), even if a couple of his jokes missed by a groan.

It’s an honor and a pleasure to see a new Knight of such an excellent caliber has chosen to sheath his sword in our scabbard. Er, tuck his arrow in our quiver? It’s good to have Dal aboard, jokes and all!

SSG Omega

While I’ve not been fortunate enough to have a proper gaming night with Dalcaeus yet, his attitude around the Castle is more than enough evidence that he’s a great addition. He’s always ready with a friendly word, kind remark-and something hilarious. Dalcaeus is also passionate about Sword and Shield Gaming, and has been since Apprenticeship. Seeing that kind of enthusiasm even going through the Trials on new faces is infectious and-at least for me-helps enforce what Knighthood means. Teamwork, friends, brotherhood, and over all good times. We’re glad to have you, Dalcaeus!

SSG Theo

Dal is one of those players that you don’t have to worry about being quiet. The awkwardness of just being you and him never exists because he knows who to stir a conversation well. I think thats the best part about Dal, his energy that he brings to the table and lets all others feed off of. Never a boring time when Dal is around.

SSG IrshGirl

Only those who are completely awesome are fit to join SSG, so it only makes sense that Dalcaeus should become an SSG Knight!